Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1727 - Face Slapping (4)

Chapter 1727: Face Slapping (4)

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The members of the Ye Family and the Yun Family sat down, and the other guests all entered the banquet hall. Besides the seats reserved for the governors of each province, the seats were fully packed.

“The governor of West Province has arrived!”

“The governor of South Province has arrived!”

“The governor of Central Province has arrived!”

“The governor of East Province has arrived!”

“The governor of North Province has arrived!”

One after another, the arrival of the governor of each province was announced.

Everyone’s eyes darted to the door instantly, full of excitement.

Being able to see so many governors on the same day was something that had not occurred for several hundred years. Their horizon was broadened today.

“Haha, congratulations to the Old Family Head of the Jun Family for finding your beloved daughter!”

Several middle-aged men entered the hall, and all had a smile on their face except for the Governor of North Province, who had a frosty expression.

Yun Luofeng caught sight of Hong Luan closely following the governor of East Province and did not pay attention to anyone else.

Hong Luan also noticed Yun Luofeng’s gaze and winked at her, a smile spreading on her face.

Perhaps they both did not predict that their fight from back them would get them acquainted and cause them to become good friends.

“Old Man Mu, you also came,” Jun Lintian said with a guffaw when he saw Mu Dong trailing in behind them.

Mu Dong smiled. “Today’s a celebratory day for the Jun Family, how could I not come?”

“Servants, seat everyone.” Jun Lintian was highly spirited and had a superb complexion, his previous displeasure having disappeared.

“Besides Beast Province, it appears the governors of every other province have come,” someone commented.

“Beast Province? Beast Province has always been on bad terms with humans. There’s no way they would appear,” a person spoke with certainty and shook his head.

However, just as he finished speaking, a dragon roar came from the distance and reverberated in the entire sky.

“Dragon Tribe of Beast Province has come to congratulate the Jun Family for finding your beloved daughter.”

Dragon Tribe of Beast Province? Everyone’s expression shifted, particularly the people from North Province.

What was the Dragon Tribe? Not only were they powerful, but they were also prideful. They did not expect the Dragon Tribe of Beast Province would come to the Jun Estate.

The governor of North Province’s face slowly darkened. He continued to inwardly reassure herself. “So what if the Jun Family has the Dragon Tribe as protection? The Saintly Virgin Tribe’s strength is also formidable, they might not lose to the Dragon Tribe.”

However, before he finished his thoughts, another deafening voice rung in the air.

“I didn’t expect the Dragon Tribe to have arrived first. I am an elder of the Phoenix Tribe and came to congratulate the Jun Family on the tribe leader’s orders.”

The Phoenix Tribe? Heavens, even the Phoenix Tribe of the Beast Province had come…

Just how many factions did the Jun Family befriend?

The spiritual beasts of Beast Province were different from other people. Other people would come to congratulate the Jun Family for formality’s sake, but the Beast Province had always been direct and would not travel so far for that. Moreover, it was the Dragon Tribe and Phoenix Tribe who came.

Suddenly, two figures descended from the sky and swiftly walked toward Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao. One of them wore a cyan, sleeveless robe and was peerlessly handsome while the other figure was in red robes and extraordinarily seductive.

“I, Long Xi, of the Dragon Tribe greet Master and Mistress.”

“I, Feng Qi, of the Phoenix Tribe, greet Master and Mistress.”

It was though lightning struck them. Everyone was stunned speechless as they watched the two men kneel in front of Yun Luofeng.

The governor of North Province shook a few times but was thankfully steadied by Ling Shuang behind him and was prevented from collapsing.

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