Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1726 - Face Slapping (3)

Chapter 1726: Face Slapping (3)

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Jun Ling'er had heard these rumors as well, and she spoke to Ye Qi about it. However, Ye Qi did not care at that time because the Jun Family family recognition ceremony was in a few days' time, and the truth would come out then.

Who knew someone from the Wei Family would dare to pointedly humiliate Ye Qi at a time like this? This was why Ye Qi wanted to rip her apart.

Wei Yue dropped to the ground on the knees with a plop, her petite figure trembling nonstop.

"Miss Ling'er, it's because I recently heard those rumors and was afraid you would be deceived, so I wanted to reveal this woman's true colors. You mustn't be fooled by her facade."

Jun Ling'er pointed at Wei Yue with her finger, and her lips were trembling, evidently extremely angered. "You are speaking nonsense, Qiqi is my…"

Before she finished her words, a gentle voice interrupted her.

"Ling'er, what happened?" Jun Xuan donned on a faint smile as he slowly walked toward his daughter.

"Dad!" Jun Ling'er turned to look at Jun Xuan and her face was puffed up with anger. "The Wei Family is slandering Qiqi."

With the Jun Family's power, it wasn't difficult to investigate the origin of the rumors. However, the whole Jun Family was preparing for the family recognition ceremony at that time, so they laid this matter aside and planned to seek retribution from the Wei Family a few days later!

Wei Yue hastily crawled to kneel in front of Jun Xuan and fiercely kowtowed. "Family Head, please pardon me. It was because I heard those rumors outside that I…"

"Rumors?" Jun Xuan's eyes turned as he asked with a smile. "Can you tell me what rumors?"

Jun Ling'er rolled her eyes. Her dad was well aware of the contents of those rumors. Wasn't he being superfluous by asking again?

"It's… it's regarding Ye Qi…" Wei Yue's complexion was pale.

Jun Xuan might have a gentle smile on his face, but the aura he emanated froze her in place.

"Ye Qi's reputation is horrible and she has many paramours outside. Those paramours are about to come crashing through the door. I also heard that she had ulterior motives for coming to the Jun Family."

Jun Xuan smiled, but he did not say anything and looked at Jun Ling'er, Jun Fengling, and Ye Qi. "It's late, the ceremony is about the start. Grandfather is waiting for you at the banquet hall, and he has something to announce later."

While saying this, Jun Xuan winked at Jun Fengling, mockery flickering through his eyes.

He wondered what expression the rumor-starters will use to face his sister after hearing the old man's announcement…

"Miss." Wei Yue climbed up from the ground and turned to look at Wei Ling with incomprehension.

Wei Ling grew silent for a moment. "Let's enter as well."

Today was a celebratory day for the Jun Family, after all. It understandable why Jun Xuan did not kick Jun Fengling and her daughter out. He also did this to give face to Jun Ling'er. After the banquet was over, Jun Fengling and her daughter's days wouldn't go well.

In the end, the family recognition ceremony was nothing more than a banquet. The objective of it was for Jun Lintian to introduce Jun Fengling to the world in this banquet and enter her into the genealogical record. Hence, it was called a ceremony.

The dispute outside had already traveled to Jun Lintian's ears and his geriatric face instantly chilled. He coldly chuckled before saying, "It appears this banquet is fated to not be peaceful!"

Hearing Jun Lintian's words, Yun Xiao's fingers, which were currently peeling grape skin for Yun Luofeng, paused. But he quickly began peeling the skin off proficiently and placed the sparkling, translucent grape into Yun Luofeng's mouth.

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