Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1725 - Face Slapping (2)

Chapter 1725: Face Slapping (2)

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The youth, Wei Feng, slightly frowned. "Sister Ling, this isn't appropriate, right? No matter how awful the character of Ye Qi and Jun Fengling are and how blind Miss Ling'er is, this is still in the Jun Family's territory. Even if it's Wei Yue saying this, it would imperil the Wei Family."

Wei Ling icily glanced at Wei Feng. "I have already decided on this. You don't need to say anything more."

In truth, Wei Ling had planned everything out in her mind. The recent rumors had already spread, and with some fuel to the fire, Ye Qi and Jun Fengling would completely lose their reputation and social standing. At that time, the Jun Family would certainly kick them out. Couldn't she punish them however she wanted then?

However, the Jun Family would definitely get mad at the Wei Family for causing a commotion at the Jun Estate. At that time, she would hand Wei Yue over to the Jun Family and apologize personally, and this matter would become a bygone. Perhaps the Jun Family would even thank her in their heart.

"Foster Mother, a lot of experts came to the Jun Estate! This is my first time seeing so many experts."

At this time, a charming voice drifted into Wei Ling's ears. Wei Ling turned around and saw Ye Qi's face full of excitement.

Wei Ling's lip curled up with a derisive smile. "A bumpkin truly is a bumpkin, so easily surprised by this type of scene. Wei Yue, these two women are Ye Qi and Jun Fengling, I will leave them to you."

Wei Yue bit her lips. Perhaps recalling her parents, she managed to scrounge up her courage and use a sharp voice to comment, "Isn't that Ye Qi who's recently been infamous in Jun City?"

Her voice was very sharp and was very obvious amidst everyone's conversation. Instantly, everyone halted and turned their peculiar gaze toward Wei Yue.

This was Wei Yue's first time being in the limelight, so she was naturally nervous inside. However, she straightened her spine and said, "Miss Jun was incautious when making friends, so she was deceived by her beguiling looks. This woman had illicit affairs with people outside and became pregnant several times, but this heartless woman actually aborted her children."

"However, this isn't the worst. Apparently, Ye Qi's biological parents were angered to death by her. After angering her parents to death, she adopted foster parents. Of course, her foster mother isn't anything good either. In order to social climb, she wants to sell her foster daughter! Now, they entered the Jun Family due to the Jun Family's power. It's a pity that they have kept Miss Ling'er in the dark still."

Wei Yue was somewhat afraid at the beginning, but the more she spoke, the braver she got. She vented all of the grievances she endured in the past onto Ye Qi and Jun Fengling.

"These two women should be taken away and beaten to death by poles rather than staying here and deceiving people!"

The entire courtyard was enveloped in silence, and only Wei Yue's excited voice could be heard. Most people present were aware of the rumors during this period of time, but no one had the guts to cause problems in the Jun Estate! This was why they were all stupefied seeing the passionate Wei Yue.

No matter how horrible Ye Qi and Jun Fengling were, today was a festive day for the Jun Family. You should find a different time if you wanted to cause trouble. Wasn't this the same as enraging Grandfather Jun?

"Foster Mother, I need to go shred this little slut!" Ye Qi was shaking from anger. She had never been mistreated like this her whole life.

However, before Ye Qi could do anything, a delicate figure had already arrived in front of Wei Yue. She lifted her hand and loudly slapped Wei Yue's face.

"How impudent!" Jun Ling'er face was dark, and her animated eyes were boiling with fury. "Who permitted you to create a disturbance in my Jun Estate?"

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