Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1724 - Face Slapping (1)

Chapter 1724: Face Slapping (1)

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Two days later, the entrance of the Jun Estate was an endless stream of horse and carriages. The originally rarely sighted experts of each province all appeared outside the Jun Estate.

Due to the excessive number of visitors, Grandfather Jun ordered that all carriages could only stop a hundred meters away from the Jun Estate, and even the haughty experts obeyed the old man’s command.

Outside the main entrance of the Jun Estate, Wei Ling watched the abundance of experts entering the estate and a glint flashed through her eyes. She turned to look at the handsome youth next to her and seriously instructed, “Later, if you see Grandfather Jun’s granddaughter, you must give it your all to befriend her, do you understand?”

This youth was considered someone second only to her in the Wei Family. Although he belonged to a side branch, his talent was outstanding. More importantly, he had handsome looks, so she believed the members of the Jun Family would take a liking to him.

Normally, a faction like the Jun Family had to form an alliance marriage with the other provinces. But unfortunately, among the provinces, East Province only had an eldest miss, North Province’s two young masters were either dead or crippled, West Province’s strength was too weak, and the young masters from South Province and Central Province already had wives, and Grandfather Jun absolutely would not allow his granddaughter to be a concubine.

This was why she had such high hopes in the members of the Wei Family.

“Yes, Sister Ling.” The youth smiled, the determination to succeed bright in his eyes.

“Let’s go.” Wei Ling took a deep breath and slowly entered the courtyard.

The courtyard was clamorous and crowded. Every faction sent someone to come here, and some acquainted people were superficially chatting.

“Wei Yue, you must remember one thing!” Wei Ling stopped, and her eyes narrowed. “The man called Ye Jingchen is my fiancé! If you see other women with him, don’t be polite! Directly help me insult her!”

If Jun Fengling heard Wei Ling’s words, she would certainly be enraged. Regardless of how good one’s temper was, they would not be able to tolerate such shameless words.

Since when did her husband become someone else’s fiancé? Especially since this fiancé was self-proclaimed…

Wei Ling did not say this to the handsome youth, it was directed at a young girl beside her. After all, Wei Ling was the heir of the Wei Family, to say the least, so she could not endanger herself.

Even if Ye Qi and Jun Fengling committed a large fault, they were in the Jun Family’s territory. If they caused a commotion inside the Jun Estate, it would provoke the rage of the Jun Family, which was why she brought Wei Yue here and shoved her to the eye of the storm.

“Miss…” Wei Yue timidly glanced at Wei Ling and tightly bit her lips, her face full of worry.

She was also from a side branch, but her talent was oddly lacking, so she naturally did not have the right to refer to Wei Ling as ‘Sister’. Instead, she had to call her ‘Miss’ like a maidservant.

“This is an order!” Wei Ling’s face darkened. “Don’t forget, you are merely a trash. The Wei Family has done right by you already by supporting your lowly life. If you want your parents to be safe and well, you must obey me!”

Wei Yue trembled and lowered her head, but she did not say anything else.

Seeing her behavior, Wei Ling eased her tone. “Don’t worry, you just need to say a few words. The Jun Family won’t do much to you. Perhaps they would even thank you for exposing those people’s true colors and preventing Miss Ling’er 1 from being deceived.”

Won’t do much to me?

Wei Yue bitterly chuckled. If that is true, then why do you have to push me forward instead of speaking up yourself?

No matter how unhappy she was inside, she understood that she could do nothing but obey Wei Yue at a time like this. Otherwise, she would jeopardize her parents in the Wei Family.

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