Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1723 - Sage-lord Level Advanced-rank (9)

Chapter 1723: Sage-lord Level Advanced-rank (9)

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“The day after tomorrow.”

“The day after tomorrow?” Yun Luofeng stroked her chin, a glint flashing through her eyes. The day after tomorrow was the time for her to seek retribution with some people…

She would not forget how the North Province delusionally wanted to send people to the Land of No Return to harm the Ye Family not too long ago! This action alone meant she would not spare those people!


Jun City had been lively during this period of time. There was a peculiarly large amount of uncommonly seen sage-level experts. At the same time, every faction in Jun City was bustling with activity.

Normally, the only factions with the qualification to go to the family recognition ceremony were those with rankings near the top. Besides the Governor’s Estate of each province, only the Saintly Virgin Tribe, Witchcraft Tribe, and West Province Academy had the right.

A faction like the Wei Family did not have the strength to even walk through the doorway. However, Yun Luo had come to the Jun Family as well. He had always been greedy about obtaining money, so he suggested a rotten idea.

He had Grandfather Jun create invitations and auctioned these invitations off. Of course, money was useless to a faction at the Jun Family’s level, so those who came to the auction must use treasures for an appraisal.

It had to be known that this was a good chance to become acquainted with the Jun Family. Not only could you see the eldest miss of the Jun Family, but you also had an opportunity to come into contact with her children. If you were noticed by them, your future could be prosperous.

As a result, every faction did not hold back a single bit. In two days, the price of the invitations had skyrocketed, and the treasures that everyone had appraised were all peak-ranked.

The Wei Estate

A middle-aged man enthusiastically entered the main hall. When he saw the man and girl sitting in the hall, his eyes sparkled in excitement.

“Family Head, Miss, I didn’t fail my mission and managed to obtain an invitation.”

The family head of the Wei Family, Wei Xian’s, eyes first flickered with joy but succeedingly turned helpless. “This time, our Wei Family has suffered a serious loss for this invitation.”

“Father, it can’t be considered like that.” Wei Ling smiled. “This is an opportunity. The people coming are all top experts of the continent! At that time, I will choose the most outstanding boy of the Wei Family and adopt him as a foster brother to go to the ceremony. Perhaps he will have a chance to prosper.”

Wei Xian sighed. “Unfortunately, you don’t have any biological brothers and you have to carry the heavy burden of the Wei Family on your back, so you can’t be married off and can only recruit a husband at best. Otherwise, we wouldn’t need to benefit outsiders.”

Wei Ling faintly smiled, and Ye Jingchen’s handsome and gentle face surfaced in her mind. If she could spend the rest of her life with a gentleman like him, she would not have any regrets.

“Dad, don’t worry about me.” Wei Ling looped her arms around Wei Xian’s arm and cutely said, “Your daughter has set her eyes on a man already. It won’t be long before I can make him marry into the Wei Family.”

“Oh?” Wei Xian’s eyes glittered. He knew his daughter’s standards, so a man that she set her eyes on must have his strong points.

“You can decide your marriage yourself. As long as the other person doesn’t have a wife, you can recruit him (1) to be your husband.”

Wife? Wei Ling snorted. Even if he previously had a wife, he would not have one from now on…

She had released the rumors already. She wondered if the Jun Family had heard them.

Wei Ling recovered her wits and her lips slightly turned up. “Dad, your daughter will go and choose the people who will follow me to go to the Jun Estate now.”

After saying this, she released Wei Xian’s shoulders. When she walked through the doors, the disdain in her eyes deepened.


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