Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1720 - Sage-Lord Level Advanced-Rank (6)

Chapter 1720: Sage-Lord Level Advanced-Rank (6)

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The Continent of Seven Provinces.

After the war between the North Province and the other provinces ended, the whole continent became peaceful again. Everyone was busy with their own business as if nothing had happened. People on the continent felt a bit uneasy from the eerie peace. However, when people were worried about what was going to happen, there came some news that caused a great uproar on the continent.

Grandfather Jun, Jun Lintian found his daughter!

It was known to all that Jun Lintian had a daughter who was entrusted to a friend of his. However, that friend took his daughter away and no one knew where they were. Jun Lintian had been looking for her for years.

Everyone thought that Jun Lintian would never have the chance to see his daughter again in his life. But now he announced to the whole continent that his daughter was back! A lot of people on the continent began to calculate. If Jun Lintian’s daughter had married, her children would be grown up and they were undoubtedly the best marriage partners.

Compared with the Continent of Seven Provinces that was in an uproar, the Jun Family was quite peaceful. Although many people wanted to find out which one was Jun Lintian’s daughter, the Jun Family was not a place anyone could enter! No one could easily pry into information from the Jun Family. Therefore, all those people went back in frustration.

The Jun Family.

On the back mountain, a white-clad woman sat cross-legged on a tree, with her eyes slightly closed. As she inhaled and exhaled, spirit energies were absorbed into her body.


Yun Luofeng’s body shook as if a powerful force had broken through the top of her head, soared into the sky, and formed a violent storm over her head.

How powerful was the breakthrough to a sage-lord level advanced-rank? The sky was shrouded with a layer of clouds, and thunder kept moving through the clouds, telling the world about this breakthrough.

“A sage lord advanced-rank spirit cultivator?”

At the same time, all the people of the Jun City were shocked by the spectacle in the sky over the Jun Family’s estate.

In the forest not far from the Jun Family, an old man stopped, slightly narrowed his eyes, and gave a faint smile, his eyes filled with pleasure. “A sage-lord level advanced-rank spirit cultivator? If I’m not wrong, it must be Jun Xuan who made this breakthrough.”

As a good friend of Jun Lintian, he knew how great a pressure his friend had been under. If Jun Xuan became a sage lord advanced-rank spirit cultivator, the Jun Family would be able to stand on the Continent of Seven Provinces for a long time.

“I really envy that old man. He had a good disciple. Now he found his daughter, and even his granddaughter-in-law is such a genius. If I had known this before, I would have made Feng’er my disciple when I was in the Central Province.”

That year, he and Jun Lintian met Yun Luofeng in the Central Province for the first time, and they almost fought over this genius. Unfortunately, Jun Lintian stole a march on him and he could only regret it for the rest of his life. But he still felt happy for his old friend.

While Mu Dong was happy for the Jun Family, all the other powers were dumbfounded. Some time before, Grandfather Jun invited many strong masters to participate in his daughter’s returning ceremony. These strong masters were on their way, so they saw the sign of the breakthrough.

The Jun Family had already had a Grandfather Jun, and now they had a sage lord advanced-rank spirit cultivator. How could they not be worried about it? Especially the Governor of the North Province, his face turned ferocious when he thought of his dispute with Yun Luofeng.

“Father.” Seeing the ferocious look of the Governor, Ling Shuang slightly frowned. “Even though someone in the Jun Family made a breakthrough, so what? Don’t forget, the Saintly Virgin Tribe is behind us.”

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