Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1717 - Sage-Lord Level Advanced-Rank (3)

Chapter 1717: Sage-Lord Level Advanced-Rank (3)

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It had been five years…

How could Jun Fengling not miss her children who she hadn’t seen for five years?

She even forgot about Wei Ling who had seriously offended her…

Wei Ling looked very embarrassed. She tightly clenched her fists but didn’t ask her men to stop Jun Fengling from leaving.

“Miss…” Uncle Wei frowned and stared at the receding figure of Jun Fengling. “I saw the woman who just called Jun Fengling Mom hanging out with Jun Ling’er.”

Wei Ling took a deep breath, “I didn’t expect that Jun Fengling knew the Jun Family people.”

No wonder she didn’t take her words seriously…

“Jun Ling’er? The Jun Ling’er of the Jun Family?” Uncle Wei stared in shock, “If she has a relationship with the Jun Family, then we…”

No wonder Miss, who had planned to kill Jun Fengling, didn’t order the Wei Family people to stop Jun Fengling from leaving after the girl showed up. It turned out that she had a relationship with the Jun Family.

“I checked her identity after I found her hanging out with Ling’er. Unfortunately, I only knew her name and it was hard to find her identity just with her name.”

The Wei Family was not strong enough. If it was the Jun Family, they would easily find out a person’s identity just with his name.

“Miss, then she… ”

Wei Ling shook her head, “Jun Ling’er is a very easy-going person. She doesn’t care about her friend’s identity as long as she gets along with the person. So I don’t think the woman named Ye Qi has a powerful background. And it’s even more impossible that she is a relative of the Jun Family because I know all the relatives of the Jun Family.

Uncle Wei was relieved to hear that. “That’s good. If she is just Jun Ling’er’s friend and has no background, we don’t have to be afraid of her.”

More importantly, Jun Ling’er was good-natured and would never press down on people with power.

“In fact, we don’t need to be afraid of Jun Ling’er. Although our Wei Family is dependent on the Jun Family, the Jun Family also needs us to work for them, so Jun Ling’er would not turn against us just for a friend.” Wei Ling blinked, “Besides, Grandfather Jun and Master Jun are both well-renowned strong masters. They will not make things difficult for us just over this trivial matter.”

“In the Jun Family, there is only one person I fear… ” Wei Ling breathed deeply and her face turned solemn.

“You mean… that person?”

“Yes, it’s her – Yun Luofeng!”

Grandfather Jun announced that Yun Luofeng was his granddaughter, perhaps because he really wanted one. In addition, Yun Luofeng was different from Jun Ling’er. Jun Ling’er would have to consider the implications for the Jun Family, while Yun Luofeng wouldn’t.

She wouldn’t let off anyone who had offended her!

Uncle Wei gasped. He knew what Miss said was true. That woman called Yun Luofeng was simply a god of calamity!

It was better to offend the god of hell than her!

“Uncle Wei,” Wei Ling turned her head to Uncle Wei and said with great seriousness, “All these years, I never fell for any man no matter how excellent they were. Now I finally have a crush on a man. I will never give him up!”

“But, Miss, he has the Jun Family behind him…”

“So what? She’s just a friend of Jun Ling’er. If Grandfather Jun knows his granddaughter made friends with a notorious woman, will he allow them to stay in the Jun Family?” Wei Ling gave a faint smile and a grim gleam flickered across her eyes.

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