Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1716 - Sage-Lord Level Advanced-Rank (2)

Chapter 1716: Sage-Lord Level Advanced-Rank (2)

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Her meaning was quite clear.

Jun Fengling sneered. This woman wanted to take her man from her? Did she think she was dead?

Disgusted by Wei Ling's seductive look, Ye Jingchen said coldly, "Miss Wei, I don't want your Wei Family at all. It's enough for me to spend my life with my beautiful wife Ling'er and my son and daughter."

Hearing this, Wei Ling was not angry. She chuckled, "Every man wants power! Though our Wei Family is not the most powerful family in the East Province, it's among the top ones. I'm the heir of the Wei Family. If you marry me, it's like you're marrying the whole Wei Family. Mr. Ye, you're a smart man. I believe you know what choice is best for you."

Ye Jingchen's face turned black. He had never seen such a shameless woman before.

He didn't want to waste his time on this woman, so he snapped coldly, "Get out of my way!"

"Mr. Ye, I know you love your wife, so I won't force you to break up with her. How about this? As long as you join our Wei Family, I will allow her to be your concubine." Although Wei Ling's tone was mild and her face was smiling, she spoke as if she was giving alms.

As if Jun Fengling should appreciate being allowed to become Ye Jingchen's concubine.

Jun Fengling was so angry that she burst into laughter, "So this is your Wei Family's style? Force a man to divorce his wife on the street and make his wife his concubine?"

Ye Jingchen kept stroking Jun Fengling's back for fear that his beloved wife would be infuriated by Wei Ling.

"Miss Jun."

Wei Ling didn't call Jun Fengling Mrs. Ye because she didn't admit she was Ye Jingcheng's wife. She paused and continued, "I'm not asking for your opinion. I'm just telling you my decision. You have no say in this matter." Wei Ling was polite to Ye Jingchen, but when talking to Jun Fengling, she was completely arrogant and had a cold expression.

"Then I'll see whether you can take my husband from me!" Jun Fengling sneered, quickly drew the soft sword wrapped around her waist, and confronted Wei Ling.

"I've given you a chance, but you didn't take it!" Wei Ling narrowed her eyes, waved and was going to order her man to get Jun Fengling.

Suddenly, a voice mixed with joy and surprise came from behind.


Jun Fengling shuddered and turned her head. Widening her beautiful eyes in surprise, she looked at the girl who rushed towards her.


Before she said this, the girl had pounced into her arms. She raises her pretty face that was full of joy and excitement. "Mom, why are you here?"

Jun Fengling hadn't come back home since she left the Ye Family five years ago. They hadn't seen each other for five years…

Thinking of the five-year-long separation, Ye Qi felt her nose sour and tears dripped down from her face.

"Qi'er, you… "

Jun Fengling was surprised. Wasn't Ye Qi supposed to stay in the Continent of No Return? Why did she appear in this place? If she was here, did it mean that Feng'er was really in Jun City?

"Mom, Brother and Sister-in-law are both here. Let me take you to them. We can talk when we meet them."

A bright smile appeared on Ye Qi's tearful face. She held Jun Fengling's arms tightly, reluctant to release them.

"Okay, let's go to see your brother and sister-in-law."

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