Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1714 - Scheming Yun Xiao (4)

Chapter 1714: Scheming Yun Xiao (4)

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Demi-god level…

Hearing this, the Governor gaped. "I remember there isn't a demi-god leveled master on our continent, right? There used to be one hundreds of years ago, and I always wanted to break through to that level, but I can't."

"The three elders of the Saintly Virgin Tribe had become sage lord advanced-rank spirit cultivators decades ago. Their legendary leader must be more powerful!"

Yes, the three elders of the Saintly Virgin Tribe were all sage lord advanced-rank spirit cultivators. Of course, their leader wouldn't be weaker than them!

"If she is still alive, I think she is at the demi-god level, but she's been missing for more than a decade…" the Governor shook his head and said.

"Father, though she disappeared, the three elders are still there. They have stayed in seclusion for cultivation for more than a decade and maybe they have already made a breakthrough."

In fact, all the provinces feared the Saintly Virgin Tribe, not because of the three elders, but because of the legendary leader of the Saintly Virgin Tribe. Many people guessed she had reached the demi-god level, but no one could prove it…

Even though she was missing now, no one dared treat the Saintly Virgin Tribe with disrespect.

"Dad…" killing intent flickered across Ling Shuang's face, "Yun Luofeng killed Brother and disabled me. This hatred won't be wiped away even if I kill her! Only by laying hands on those around her will she feel pain."

The Governor relaxed his frowning eyebrows. "What do you want to do?

Ling Shuang sneered, "As you know, I had a dispute with her because of Huang Yingying. I didn't know that Yun Luofeng had a feud with the North Province and that Huang Yingying was her maid. Therefore, I had the dispute with her! Since she cares so much about Huang Yingying, then I must get her!"

"Shuang'er!" The Governor's face changed greatly, "Even though you were disabled by Yun Luofeng, you are still my son and my only heir. I will find famous physicians to cure you! You must not marry Huang Yingying. She doesn't deserve you!"

"Father, don't take me wrong! I don't want to marry her. I just want to take her as my concubine! No! She doesn't even deserve to be my concubine! I'll just play with her for some time!"

The Governor was relieved to hear this, but he thought about it and continued to say, "In that case, don't let Huang Yingying leave. Yun Luofeng values her friendship with her. You can threaten Yun Luofeng with Huang Yingying."

Ling Shuang gave a grim smile, and his eyes were cold.

Huang Yingying, you abandoned me when I was so good to you. Now, it won't be what it used to be. I will never treat you tenderly again.

The only feeling I have for you is hatred!

"Shuang 'er, go take a rest. I will send guards to look for Huang Yingying."

"Yes, Father." Ling Shuang made an obeisance and left.

Looking at his receding figure, the Governor frowned. If it weren't for the fact that he had only two sons and the other one died, he would have given up on this trash! Unfortunately, this trash was his only son, so he would do anything to cure him!

"Yun Luofeng, though there are many people helping you, so what? I have the Saintly Virgin Tribe at my back. Will I be afraid of you, a little girl?" Thinking of the past, the Governor clenched his teeth. "Anyone who helps you must die!"

Since they had a dispute over Hong Luan in the East Province, they were doomed to be mortal enemies!

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