Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1712 - Scheming Yun Xiao (2)

Chapter 1712: Scheming Yun Xiao (2)

Translator: Iris8197  Editor: Rock

“He even agreed to this?” Yun Luofeng was transfixed.

If Mo Qiancheng agreed to this, then he was not simple, but stupid.

Hearing her words, Mo Qiancheng looked so angry and glared at Yun Xiao.

“He didn’t agree,” Yun Xiao smiled, “but I goaded him into agreeing to it. He was infuriated by me and agreed.”

Mo Qiancheng snorted, “What’s the big deal of it? You just beat me in the physical combat. Do you dare to fight me with your spirit energy?”

As if not hearing Mo Qiancheng, Yun Xiao let go of Yun Luofeng and slowly walked to Grandfather Jun. “Only you are of the demi-god level here, so you can help me unseal my strength.”

Mo Qiancheng widened his eyes. He suddenly figured out something, and his cute baby face turned red. “You… you did it on purpose!”

Yun Xiao turned his eyes to Mo Qiancheng and said provocatively, “So you finally figured it out?”

Mo Qiancheng was shaking all over. This guy deceived him into sealing his spirit energy in order to make Jue Qian his own!

“Yun Xiao, when did you become so scheming?” Yun Luofeng glanced at the grim-faced Mo Qiancheng and smiled.

In fact, Mo Qiancheng was pathetic. However, where there was a pathetic one, there was a damned one. If Mo Qiancheng hadn’t betrayed Jue Qian, would he have been trapped in the fantasy land for thousands of years? Even though he finally repented, betrayal was betrayal. A broken mirror could never be restored.

“Sit down, boy.”

Grandfather Jun asked Yun Xiao to sit cross-legged in front of him, and his big, rough hand smacked him hard on the shoulder.

His body immediately shook and a strong force flowed through his body. Soon, with a boom, spirit energy surged out, and the whole area was covered with thick spirit energies.

“It feels good to regain my strength.” Yun Xiao moved his shoulders, and slowly turned his eyes to Yun Luofeng…

“Yun Xiao, you can’t take risks like this in the future,” Yun Luofeng was finally relieved, but she said with a straight face.

“I couldn’t bear it… ”


Yun Luofeng didn’t understand what he meant.

“I couldn’t bear that there was such a hidden danger around you, I just couldn’t bear it. Fortunately, he is gullible and I tricked him into sealing his own strength with just a few words.”

Yun Xiao said this on purpose. Hearing this, Mo Qiancheng who turned purple with anger and almost burst into tears. His eyes were bloodshot, and he glared at Yun Xiao as if he wanted to cut him into pieces!

“Liar, you big liar!” Mo Qiancheng bit his lips, glared at Yun Xiao and turned to Yun Luofeng. His expression suddenly became extremely plaintive. “Jue Qian, what’s good about this man? Just divorce him and marry me. I waited for you for so many years. How can you have the heart to abandon me?”

Yun Luofeng frowned, “I’m Yun Luofeng.”

“You are Jue Qian. Otherwise, you couldn’t get his inheritance. From what I know of him, he would rather let his things disappear in the long history than give them to others! Unless the person is his reincarnation!”

Hearing this, Yun Luofeng didn’t know what to say. Although she hadn’t been able to find the successor of Jue Qian, she had a feeling that one day she would meet his successor. But now, she had to find a way to solve this Mo Qiancheng!

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