Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1703 - Yun Luofeng Came (1)

Chapter 1703: Yun Luofeng Came (1)

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Yun Xiao walked inexorably towards Qin Luo. His eyes were full of killing intent and his body was surrounded with a murderous aura. At this time, Yun Xiao looked horrifying, approaching like the god of death stepping on blood. Everyone would tremble in horror under his glare.

However, Qin Luo soon recovered. She laughed, with a sarcastic smile on her lips.

"Funny, that's really funny. There is someone in this world that is mentally strong enough to resist my temptation, but…" The smile on Qin Luo's face spread, "In that case, I am even more interested in you… "

She licked her sexy red lips, and a lewd gleam flickered across her slightly narrowed beautiful eyes. At first, she liked Bai Su's handsome face better, but now she felt more interested in this man. Bai Su was too easy to get, but this man, who could resist the attack of her forbidden technique, easily aroused her desire to conquer…

"Tut, it's the first time I've seen such a woman." Hearing Qin Luo's words, the old man who had been quiet all the time, couldn't help but sneer, and his voice was contemptuous.

Qin Luo's face changed. She looked at the old man sharply and said coldly.

"Shut up!"

If the old man had been a few decades younger, she might have been interested in him, but he was so old. How dare he show up and pollute her eyes? Anyone who came to the God Burial Mountain either died in her hands or… was left as her bed partner!

Obviously, the old man could only be the former!

"Why? You're really the first women I've ever seen who wants to r*pe a man that you can't seduce."

The old man shook his head. This woman was really eye-opening. It was the first time he met a woman like this…

"Go to hell!"

Qin Luo was angry, and released all the spirit energies in her body, which struck at the old man like surging billows, and her eyes were ferocious.

Yun Xiao frowned and waved his sleeves. A gust of power that was no weaker than Qin Luo's collided with her power. With a boom, the two powers set off a wave that flattened the surrounding trees in an instant.

Qin Luo's face changed. She looked up at Yun Xiao's cold face and asked word by word, "Are you really unwilling to obey me?"

"Yes," he said briefly and coldly.

Qin Luo sneered, "Pity! It's a real pity. You might not know that I sent someone to find the woman you love. Maybe she has already gone to hell, hahaha…"

Yun Xiao's face remained unchanged, but people could feel that his aura became gradually unstable.

Clearly feeling the anger in Yun Xiao's heart, Qin Luo smiled provocatively, "If you obey me, I will return your fiancée to you. Otherwise, I'll ask my men to burn her into ashes!"

Yun Xiao's pupils constricted and the aura around him grew stronger. He said coldly, "If she dies, you will be buried with her!"

Hearing this, Qin Luo froze for a moment, not expecting that he wasn't threatened by her…

Did she have to kill this man? Wouldn't that be a shame? She had been lonely for years and finally met such a perfect man.

However, before Qin Luo could figure out a way to deal with Yun Xiao, his figure had approached her.

His palms were like lightning, his figure was like a gust of wind, and his attack struck against Qin Luo's chest with a thud.

Qin Luo slightly narrowed her eyes, and retreated two steps, with a touch of caution in her eyes.

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