Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1700 - Yun Luofeng’s Past (3)

Chapter 1700: Yun Luofeng's Past (3)

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The beautiful woman sneered. “Haven’t you heard of the saying, ‘Money will make the devil turn millstones’? However, we have to thank your parents for leaving a huge inheritance for us, allowing us to do everything we wish.”

“Rest assured, after sending you into the orphanage I’ll pay someone to write a report claiming that your personality is unreasonable and barbarian, even hitting your own cousin. If it weren’t for our timely return, your cousin would have died in your hands.”

“While for that sum of money… I’ll claim that I’ve donated it to society and whether it’s the truth, who will know?”

The little girl’s shoulders trembled incessantly, not knowing if she was trembling from anger or sadness.

“Oh right…” The beautiful woman’s eyes twinkled and smirked. “Let me inform you in passing, do you know how your mother had a miscarriage back them? It was because of your uncle and me! Otherwise, if she had a son, their inheritance wouldn’t belong to us in the future. However, I never expected that they would pass away so early! Hahaha, it’s great that they’re dead!”

The little girl widened her eyes as it was thoroughly red. Suddenly, she pounced towards the beautiful woman and bit on her arm.

“Ah!” With the pain, she casually flung and pushed the little girl away, causing her head to bump into the corner of the table, with blood flowing endlessly. However, she did not weep as her eyes filled with hatred stared intently at the beautiful woman.

“Enough!” The man slammed the table and sternly said. “No matter what, our Yun Family has raised you for a few years and is this how you treat your aunt? Furthermore, your father was my brother so what’s wrong for me to inherit his assets? You can only blame your father for not having a son and not being willing to hand his assets to his nephew, insisting that all his money belonged to his daughter!”

“What use is there in handing the company and assets to a daughter? It will ultimately just be given to an outsider. Instead of benefiting an outsider, it’s better to give it to his nephew. At least his nephew is in our own family!”

The man coldly looked at the little girl’s eyes filled with anger and hatred while he sneered in contempt.

He did not think he was wrong. A child born to a daughter would have someone else’s surname. In contrast, his son was different as he was in the same family. He had never heard of not leaving assets to their own family members but instead, giving them to someone else.

The little girl tightly bit her lips and even when blood flowed into her mouth she didn’t notice. Her furious gaze, similar to a sharp knife, glared intently at this b*stard couple!

The killing intent in Yun Xiao’s body could no longer be concealed and gushed forth. He tightly clenched his fists as his callous eyes were filled with a killing aura. However, no matter how furious he was, they belonged to two different space-times and what could he do?

It was no wonder… no wonder that she was decisive and ruthless yet placed importance on kinship. So it turned out, it was because of her past…

Just as Yun Xiao’s heart was throbbing with pain, the scene before him changed to the streets, with countless people pointing fingers at the little girl.

“Did you see the news yesterday? This little girl named Yun Luofeng actually tried to murder her cousin because of her uncle and aunt’s doting on their child. Tsk tsk, being vicious and merciless at such a young age, she’ll definitely be a murderer when she grows up. This type of person should be locked behind bars, and not forgiven due to her young age.”

“I heard that after her uncle and aunt inherited her parent’s assets, they had already opened another account and deposited all those money in her name, intending to pass it to her when she’s of age.”

“Unfortunately, they hadn’t expected she would be so vicious and in a fit of anger, her uncle and aunt donated all the money…”

“She deserved it. That money shouldn’t be left for her! Furthermore, for a person like her, there’s actually orphanage willing to accept her? Aren’t they afraid she would set the orphanage on fire?”

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