Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1699 - Yun Luofeng’s Past (2)

Chapter 1699: Yun Luofeng's Past (2)

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"Master, follow me later on and I'll lead the way. If you take one misstep, you'll be transported to another location."

Little Bug's voice was deadly earnest. He had once experienced this and naturally, he knew how dangerous was this route. If one were slightly distracted, they would head towards another unknown world…

"Let's go." Yun Xiao coldly ordered with a callous expression.

Little Bug twisted his plump body and moved forwards while the old man hastily put away the fire hawk leg and followed behind Yun Xiao.

"Young man, I've yet to hear your name. My surname is Jun, you…" Before the old man finished speaking, a fog enveloped him, instantly flooding his line of sight.

However, Little Bug's figure was exceptionally distinct within this hazy fog, appearing to be an illuminating light within this darkness that was leading them forward.

However… compared to Little Bug's calm and collection emotion, Yun Xiao and the old man were not as peaceful. Familiar faces appeared before them one by one and those faces were leading them to another pathway…

Yun Xiao shut his eyes and forcefully expelled those images from his mind, but the moment he looked up, the scenes before his eyes were still the same.

"It's not an illusionary realm?"

From the start, he thought that this was only an illusion and if he were to block his sense organs, the illusions would disappear. Even though he had done so, those silhouettes were still affecting his path.

As if… they were all real live people…

Suddenly, Yun Xiao's eyes locked on a child's face and he was unable to look away.

It was a little girl of around eight years old and her appearance was similar to Yun Luofeng, but she was wearing clothes that didn't belong to this continent. Recalling the fact that Yun Luofeng wasn't from this continent and the words Little Bug said earlier on, Yun Xiao's heart suddenly thumped and there seemed to be a hand pulling him towards that little girl.

"Xiao Feng, you know that it isn't that Uncle isn't willing to raise you up but in actual fact, I am powerless. However, I've already found a good place for you. In that orphanage you'll have many companions."

Within the hall of a luxurious villa, a man in a suit had a sad expression that shifted to helplessness. Standing before him was a little girl with a face like carved jade. Her delicate face was filled with tears, seemingly helpless.

Currently, Yun Xiao was quietly standing beside her and his sight fell on her little face filled with tears. Looking at her, his heart fiercely throbbed with pain and reached out, wanting to stroke her head. However… his hand passed through her body, just like he was only an uninvited guest of this world.

Yun Xiao stared blankly as he foolishly stared at his hand. A long time later, he once again looked towards the little girl…

"Uncle, Aunt," the little girl's eyes contained pleading, "I don't want to go to an orphanage, please don't send me away."

Hearing her words, the beautiful woman painting her nails impatiently frowned and coldly glanced at her. "Our Yun family doesn't raise an idle person and we won't provide for you! Your uncle being willing to send you to an orphanage is already treating you fairly. Otherwise, I'll have your uncle immediately sell you!"

Originally thinking her words would definitely frighten the little girl, it had instead, unexpectedly enraged her thoroughly.

"When my parents passed away, they left a huge inheritance for me. At the same time that you inherited those assets, you promised to raise me! It has only been a little while and you're thinking of kicking me away? Don't tell me you're not afraid of public opinion?

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