Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1694 - Jinyu’s Decision (1)

Chapter 1694: Jinyu's Decision (1)

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Luo’er quirked her lips and her smile revealed determination.

“I’ve never gone back on my words and will do as I promised.”

“Alright, I will return in half a month’s time and I hope you can treat the lord well during this period.”

Jinyu clenched her fist and breathed in deeply. Since my life was saved by the lord, then I am destined to live for him.

After thinking this, Jinyu cast a last glance at Luo’er before leaving the palace.

A gorgeous and weak figure gradually disappeared in Luo’er’s eyes…

Jun Family. Ye Qi opened her eyes widely and curiously looked all over. “Yun Luo…”

The moment she wanted to call Yun Luofeng’s name, she felt that it was impolite and so, swallowed her words. “Sister-in-law, why did you bring me here?”

Yun Luofeng slowly entered and spoke softly. “To meet someone.”

“Sister Yun.”

Just as Yun Luofeng entered the Jun Family, a delicate figure rapidly dashed over, ramming into Yun Luofeng’s embrace with a bang.

“Sister Yun, you’ve finally returned. I’ve missed you so much.”

Jun Ling’er raised her palm-sized face as her lively huge eyes contained an adorable smile.

Frankly speaking, Yun Luofeng had a favorable impression of Jun Ling’er the first instance she encountered her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have chosen to stick up for her when Cao Yueqin had humiliated Jun Ling’er.

“Has the old lord and Yun Xiao returned?” Yun Luofeng lifted her brows and her palms gently stroked Jun Ling’er head, revealing a smile on her face.

Jun Ling’er shook her head. “Grandfather and brother Xiao have yet to return.”

Have yet to return?

Yun Luofeng frowned. Could it be, they’ve encountered some troubles?

Jun Ling’er’s entire body stuck to Yun Luofeng’s body and held her arm. Her adorable and lively eyes radiated a cunning glint.

“Sister Yun, if you intend to look for them, can you take me with you?”

In recent days, her grandfather was not by her side and she had been locked in the house by her father. She wasn’t allowed to take a step outside and this had caused her to be extremely bored. Therefore, she tried to appeal to Yun Luofeng to bring her out and search for the old lord.

Looking at Jun Ling’er hugging Yun Luofeng’s arm and acting coquettishly, Lin Ruobai was in a bad mood. She snorted and walked up, purposely pulling on Yun Luofeng’s other arm and widened her eyes to look straight at Jun Ling’er.

However, she did not notice Lin Ruobai as her eyes were still staring at Yun Luofeng. “Sister Yun…”

“I came this time to leave her here.” Yun Luofeng pointed towards Ye Qi and said, “The next time I return, I’ll bring her back to the Land of No Return.”

Land of No Return?

Jun Ling’er’s heartbeat quickened and her lively eyes finally shifted towards Ye Qi from Yun Luofeng as she curiously widened her eyes.

“Sister Yun, this is…”

“Her name is Ye Qi,” Yun Luofeng smiled and said, “the foster daughter my mother took in.”

The foster daughter of Sister Yun’s mother? That is to say…

Jun Ling’er’s eyes immediately brightened and grabbed Ye Qi’s hand while giggling. An incomparably brilliant smile surfaced on her adorable face.

“Sister Ye Qi, welcome home.”


Ye Qi was stunned as her eyes turned towards Yun Luofeng in astonishment, clearly not understanding the situation.

Not waiting for Yun Luofeng to explain it to Ye Qi, the Jun Family’s head Jun Xuan walked out swiftly from the house. The instant he spotted Yun Luofeng, his eyes immediately brightened as he hastily went up to her. “Feng’er, you’ve returned?”


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