Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1693 - Bai Su (6)

Chapter 1693: Bai Su (6)

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After all… for numerous years, no matter how many dangers he encountered, Jinyu never once left his side. Now that Luo’er had personally spoken, how could he be unwilling?

“Brother Su, let me sent her off in case she continues hiding in a corner to eye you covetously.” Luo’er sinisterly smiled.

“Whatever you say.” Bai Su smiled and stroked her head, while his devilish eyes were filled with gentleness.

Hearing his words, Luo’er walked to Jinyu’s side and shot her a glance saying, “Follow me.”

Jinyu was startled and looked at Bai Su. The moment she saw the loathing contained in his eyes, her heart clenched tight. She glanced at Bai Su with sorrow before turning and walking out with Luo’er.

Within the tranquil palace, Luo’er stopped her footsteps and the gentleness she displayed before Bai Su disappeared, as her face turned incomparably cold.

“Bai Su has an enemy named Yun Xiao?”

Jinyu bit on her lips. “That’s right.”

“Lure that man here for me.” Luo’er lifted her chin. “I’m also interested in that man.”

Jinyu’s expression suddenly changed. “What are you planning on doing? Isn’t it enough having my lord?”

Luo’er chucked and licked her pointed red nails, seemingly appearing seductive.

“I’m too bored in this palace and need a few men to accompany me.”

If it wasn’t because she was unable to leave God Burial Mountain, she wouldn’t require such methods to relieve her boredom.

“Will my lord agree to your actions?”

“Keke,” Luo’er sneered. “Your lord is deeply in love with me and even if he suffers because I have a physical relationship with another man, he will never leave me.”

Jinyu tightly clenched her fist and her internal fury gushed forth. “Slut!” she gnashed her teeth and said.

Luo’er’s expression turned chilly and she released energy that struck Jinyu’s chest with a bang and instantly sent her flying.

Jinyu spat out blood as she glared at Luo’er with a furious look.

“If you help me, I’ll allow you to stay in the palace as a servant maid. Otherwise, not only will I chase you out, I will also torture Bai Su. You had better think this through clearly.”

Having heard her words, Jinyu sneered and stood up. “The Ghost Emperor and Yun Luofeng’s feelings are extremely deep and I’m afraid it’s impossible for you to interfere.”

To this, Luo’er had snorted disdainfully.

“I believe you’re aware how I made your lord fall for me and I’ll use the same method on Yun Xiao. As long as he treats me as Yun Luofeng, wouldn’t he love me wholeheartedly?” Luo’er slowly walked towards Jinyu. “Furthermore, you will kill Yun Luofeng for me! In this world, one Yun Luofeng will suffice.”

Luo’er did not tell her that there was a flaw in the branding she imprinted in Bai Su’s mind… That flaw was that she couldn’t allow him to meet the real Yun Luofeng! Otherwise, the branding would be erased and he would recall everything! Therefore, she couldn’t leave Yun Luofeng alive!

Jinyu was silent. She could leave Bai Su but it didn’t mean she could look on unfeeling at this woman humiliating Bai Su. Furthermore, she believed that she would do that to achieve her objective.

If it was her previous lord, he would return it tenfold if Luo’er dared to harm him the slightest! However, he was no longer her previous lord.

I’m afraid that even if Luo’er killed him, he would not have any complaint.

“If I help you, can you give my lord preferential treatment?” Jinyu bit her lips and asked.

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