Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1692 - Bai Su (5)

Chapter 1692: Bai Su (5)

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“Jinyu, why are you here?” Jinyu’s body stiffened. Ever since Bai Su had received serious injuries, and she offered her body to treat his injuries, he had chased her away. However, how could she feel reassured when her own lord was alone? As such, she had always been secretly following behind him without his notice.

“Master, I came to save you.”

“Save me?” Bai Su laughed grimly. “With Luo’er’s accompaniment, why do I require your rescue?”

Jinyu became anxious. “My lord, that woman isn’t Yun Luofeng! You’ve been deceived by her!”

Bai Su’s expression darkened. “Can’t I differentiate whether she’s Luo’er or not? Jinyu, I know you’ve always wanted to be my concubine but didn’t have your wish fulfilled. Therefore, you’re framing Luo’er! If you don’t leave right now, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

“My lord, you’ve changed…” Jinyu bit her lips and said. “However, I will never leave.”

Not only did the branding Luo’er left in Bai Su’s mind alter his memories, it had even changed his personality. Even if the previous Bai Su wanted to chase Jinyu away, he would never say such self-opinionated words.


Suddenly, the door was pushed opened and Luo’er with gloominess across her face appeared outside.

“Bai Su, so you have other women behind my back!”

Bai Su panicked and hastily climbed up from the bed while pulling on Luo’er hands with nervousness.

“Luo’er, listen to me, there’s nothing between us and you have to believe me!”

Luo’er tightly clenched her fist. She knew from Bai Su’s memories that Jinyu took advantage of the situation and had a physical relationship with him. In addition, that scene was similar to a camera shot that surfaced before her eyes, seemingly like a needle ruthlessly pricking her heart.

“Bai Su, you’re still lying to me.”

Tears flowed down from her face. “Earlier on, this woman came looking for me, telling me that she’s your wife and both of you already have a physical relationship. She wanted me to leave, but I wasn’t willing and so she came to you and framed me by claiming that I’m not Yun Luofeng!”

Of course, she couldn’t tell Bai Su she knew everything from his memories and so, she had taken advantage of this and framed Jinyu.

“My lord, I didn’t…” Jinyu shook her head, “Your servant has followed you for numerous years and I’ve always complied with your orders. How could I possibly commit such actions? It’s her… she’s framing…”


Bai Su’s hand slapped towards Jinyu, causing her to be dumbstruck. She covered her swelling face and looked up at Bai Su, with disbelief in her eyes.

Her lord… didn’t believe her?

Luo’er smugly glanced at Jinyu, slowly walking to Bai Su and pulled on his neck, delivering her fragrant and plump lips. Bai Su did not resist her and instead, reacted enthusiastically…

Jinyu’s heart suddenly clenched tight, with pain and suffering in her beautiful eyes. She was already prepared for her lord to be together with another woman sooner or later, but witnessing the scene, she still felt pain.

“Luo’er, I indeed had a physical relationship with her but that was in a situation where I was wasn’t in my right mind. With you with me now, I will no longer touch other women.”

“Brother Su, I trust you and I believe she said those words in my presence because she loves you too much. However, as I’m kind hearted, I can’t bear to punish her so why don’t we let her leave?”

Luo’er left Bai Su’s embrace and smiled while speaking cutely.

Bai Su hesitated for a moment and nodded. “Alright.”

Frankly speaking, he was extremely unwilling to kill Jinyu.


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