Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1691 - Bai Su (4)

Chapter 1691: Bai Su (4)

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All these years, she had used this method to alter the memories of the men who intruded into the depths of the God Burial Mountain. Unfortunately, they weren't able to bear her torturing and died in a few years. However, facing his god-like handsome man, she was unable to be ruthless and harm him in the slightest.

Perhaps, she had fallen for him…

At this moment, Bai Su slowly opened his eyes. His expression was pale and his breathing weak, causing the beautiful woman to feel heartache for him.

"You're awake?" The beautiful woman worriedly looked at him, with her gaze filled with nervousness.

Bai Su was suddenly stunned and hesitatingly looked at the beautiful woman before him.

"Yun… Luofeng?"

The beautiful woman stared distractedly. As expected, the most vivid person in his mind was his so-called enemy, Yun Luofeng. However, hearing him calling out the name, she unconsciously relaxed. It seemed like her branding had an effect and Bai Su currently regarded her as Yun Luofeng. This was extremely good as this man would belong to her in the future.

"That's right, I'm Yun Luofeng," the beautiful woman shamelessly replied. "I am also the woman you love deeply."

"Don't you hate me? Why did you save me?"

Back then during his first encounter with Yun Luofeng, he wanted to win her over yet it resulted in a conflict between them. Furthermore, every time they met, this woman had never treated him nicely.

The beautiful woman's eyes flickered and smiled. "Frankly speaking, I don't hate you and in contrary, I love you very much. However, I know its impossible between us and so I thought of using that method to attract your attention…"

If it was Bai Su of the past, he wouldn't be so brainless. However, due to the branding in his mind, he couldn't help but believe the beautiful woman's words without any doubt.

"In addition…" the beautiful woman paused and continued speaking. "Don't call me by Yun Luofeng in the future. Call me Luo'er."

There was also a 'luo' in her name and even though she wanted Bai Su to treat her as Yun Luofeng, it didn't mean she was willing to hear someone else's name from her beloved man's mouth.

"Alright." Bai Su smiled and it was bewitching, once again causing Luo'er's heart to thump.

"Brother Su, recuperate well and after your injuries have recovered, I won't reject anything you wish to do…"

Bai Su felt like he was struck by lightning, never expecting Luo'er would say such direct words, at the same time igniting his desire. However, due to his current injuries, he could only suppress his lust.

Luo'er once again bashfully glanced at him before walking out. The moment she stepped out the door, a smile surfaced on her lips as she narrowed her eyes.

"Any man who I fancy can never escape from my grasp…"

The reason was that she did not have to seduce them. It was sufficient as long as they treated her as their beloved woman.

Within the black-colored palace, the atmosphere was eerie and stifling.

Outside the palace where Bai Su resided in, a gorgeous figure stealthily snuck in, obviously nervous.

Within this palace, there was no one other than Luo'er and Bai Su. However, as Luo'er resided beside of Bai Su, it wasn't convenient for her to intrude and she could only sneak in by taking advantage of Luo'er's absence.

Raising her hands, Jinyu pushed the door and with a glance spotted Bai Su resting on the bed.

Originally thinking it was Luo'er, Bai Su lazily looked over. But after seeing his gorgeous servant had entered the room, his handsome appearance faintly sank.


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