Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1686 - Xiao Bai's Rage (3)

Chapter 1686: Xiao Bai’s Rage (3)

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“Thank you for saving me…” This time, her thanks were very sincere as her teary eyes were incomparably serious.

“There’s no need to say thank you,” Yun Luofeng paused and continued. “You’re a Ye Family member and it’s expected that I would save you. Furthermore, you’ve never betrayed me, isn’t that so?”

Ye Qi smiled. This smile represented her thoroughly abandoning the grudges of the past.

“I will remember your help and repay you in the future.”

Yun Luofeng quirked her brow. “Actually, if it weren’t for me, the Saintly Virgin Tribe wouldn’t have captured you…”

“However, you still came to save me.”

Ye Qi slowly left Yun Luofeng’s embrace and her line of sight fell on the disciple who led Yun Luofeng over.

“If it weren’t for your timely arrival, perhaps I would’ve suffered in Su Jun’s hands,” she said with seriousness. “Furthermore, you could’ve paid no heed but you even passed your clothing to me, and I will also remember your favor in my heart.”

She wasn’t someone who was ungrateful and since others had helped her, she would never reject their request for help in the future.

The disciple smiled. “You’ve already returned the favor.”

After all, she was Qin Xue’s subordinate and by committing such a mistake, she should suffer the same fate. However… Ye Qi’s unintentional words allowed her to continue living.

Having heard her, Ye Qi’s expression was confused, not understanding what she meant…

Yun Luofeng turned towards the disciple and even though her expression was still as cold as before, it did not bring about an oppressive feeling.

“I’ll trouble you to care for my sister. I have something else to handle.”

Sister… Ye Qi froze.

Yun Luofeng had been in the Ye Family for five to six years, but this was the first time she acknowledged her as her sister, and this address caused her heart to be filled with warmth.

Finding out that Su Jun hadn’t succeeded, Yun Luofeng relaxed but she had some debts to settle with him…

Above the mountain, in the tribe.

Su Jun was beaten half-dead and the blood from his mouth had never stopped. Xiao Mo even suspected that this b*stard would die from blood loss.

“Su Jun, you’re unexpectedly so daring to commit such actions, to sully my master’s sister?”

Lin Ruobai frowned and used even more force. She had clearly heard what the disciple said earlier, and so became even more furious. If she didn’t beat him to death, it would be hard to purge the hatred in her heart!

Looking at the young lady standing on Su Jun’s chest, the tribeswomen couldn’t help but shudder. They never expected that their young tribe leader would be so ruthless even though she appeared innocent and adorable.

All of Su Jun’s bones had fractured but she wasn’t willing to let him off, insisting on beating him to death.

Just then, Yun Luofeng returned and her figure landed before Qin Xue. Her wicked black eyes contained a sinister killing aura.

“How many had gone to the Land of No Return? Who was the one who implemented corporal punishment on Ye Qi? Immediately have them come out.”

Qin Xue’s heart suddenly thumped and she clenched her teeth. “Miss Yun, me and my subordinates were indeed at fault, but this matter should be settled by the elders and young tribe leader. Don’t tell me you wish to overstep your boundaries?”

She understood that she’ll definitely suffer if she fell into Yun Luofeng’s hand and it’ll be better to receive punishment according to the tribe’s laws.

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and a dangerous glint streaked across her eyes as she laughed soundlessly.

“You mean that I lack the seniority to punish you?”

Qin Xue eyes sank, “I’ll only listen to the young tribe leader and the few elders.”

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