Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1685 - Xiao Bai’s Rage (2)

Chapter 1685: Xiao Bai's Rage (2)

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"That lady is locked up in the prison cell, but…" She paused, not knowing how she should reveal the current situation.

Yun Luofeng's heart suddenly clenched tight. "Did something happen to Ye Qi? Bring me to the prison cell at once!"

Ye Qi was father and mother's foster daughter and if something happened to her, the whole Ye Family would be sad and this was something she was extremely unwilling to see.

The woman was silent for a long time before finally revealing the facts.

"Elders, when lord Qin Xue brought Miss Ye back, she tried to force Miss Ye to betray Miss Yun. Unexpectedly, Miss Ye would rather die than comply, so… so lord Qin Xue used corporal punishment on her.

Corporal punishment?

The elders frowned in succession, not knowing if the corporal punishment she received was severe or not. If it weren't serious, perhaps they could plea for leniency and spare Qin Xue's life. In any case, they had watched Qin Xue's growth and how could they bear for others to kill her? At most, they would cripple her strength and chase her out of the tribe.

Unfortunately, they were unaware that Yun Luofeng was someone who retaliated a hundredfold for every harm she received. Not to mention Ye Qi receiving corporal punishment, she would never easily forgive Qin Xue even if Ye Qi lost a single strand of hair!

"However…" the woman carefully glanced at the elders, "when I went looking for Su Jun, he was currently attacking Miss Ye and she was completely naked, with tears across her face. I don't know if Su Jun had his way with her or not…"

Thinking of Su Jun's beast-like actions, she was indignant and disturbed.

The Saintly Virgin Tribe hated men who sullied a woman's chastity and killing Ye Qi was much better than forcefully holding her!


Yun Luofeng's mind suddenly exploded and fury gushed forth, making her entire being seemed austere.

Su Jun… actually sullied Ye Qi?

Good, very good! She would never forgive anyone who participated in this!

"Xiao Mo, watch over the Saintly Virgin Tribe with others and no one is allowed to leave," Yun Luofeng ordered before coldly turning to that disciple, "You, bring me to the prison cell."

She did not forget everything this disciple said.

Qin Xue tried to force Ye Qi to betray her, but Ye Qi had refused…

She would rather suffer from corporal punishment and suffer from Su Jun's beastly actions than betray her.

At this very moment, no matter how big of a dispute she previously had with Ye Qi, it had disappeared without a trace.

"Yes, Miss Yun," the disciple respectfully said.

Within the prison cell, Ye Qi wore the clothing that the disciple had thrown to her, while she shrunk in a corner, trembling incessantly. Her face was filled with tears as she tightly bit her lips and stared intently beyond the cell door.


The prison cell's door was pushed opened and sunlight soaked the room, illuminating the lady's face filled with tears.

A white-robed lady slowly entered through the door, seemingly like a god descending from the skies and reflected in Ye Qi's eyes.

Ye Qi pretended to be strong during this period, but after seeing the white-robed lady, she crumbled instantly. She stood up with great difficulty but ultimately staggered and was about to fall on the floor… However, the instant she was about to fall, a hand stretched out and gently lifted her up.

Ye Qi wanted to say something but before she managed to speak, a medicinal pill was forced in her mouth. The medicine fragrance circulated in her mouth, causing her to recover.

"Thank you…" Ye Qi bit on her lips and looked up at the lady who was supporting her.

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