Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1684 - Xiao Bai’s Rage (1)

Chapter 1684: Xiao Bai's Rage (1)

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Qin Xue stared blankly for a moment and before she reacted, she saw Lin Ruobai rapidly pouncing towards Su Jun.

“Ah!” An ear-splitting shout sounded and echoed throughout the skies, lingering for a long time.

Su Jun was in so much pain that his complexion was deathly pale and he nearly fainted. If it weren’t for his slightly above average willpower, he would’ve immediately died from the pain.

Xiao Mo stared at Lin Ruobai in a daze and he suddenly shuddered.

“Master, I think that… if I were to marry Xiao Bai, I could never provoke her in the future. Otherwise, I think I would lose half of my life if not be dead.”

Yun Luofeng smirked and looked at Xiao Mo with a teasing smile. It seemed like Xiao Mo had acknowledged the idea of marrying Lin Ruobai.

As luck would have it, Lin Ruobai’s foot landed on Su Jun’s crotch by chance. Coupled with the fact that she pounced towards him from the sky, one could imagine the strength she exerted. It was to the extent that blood flowed out from his crotch and stained the ground red.

“How dare you bully my master and frame her.” Lin Ruobai’s eyes radiated a red light and with a bang, her small fist fiercely rammed Su Jun.


A powerful sound exploded and there was a concave area on Su Jun’s chest. His ribs had clearly fractured under Lin Ruobai’s fist and had no possibility of recovering.

Blood poured out endlessly from Su Jun’s mouth and he looked at Lin Ruobai in fear. With an indistinct voice, he said, “I… I saved you in the past…”

“Hmph!” Lin Ruobai snorted and her small fist continued attacking him without hesitation.

“That’s right, when I lost my memories, you indeed saved me. However, you delusionally believed I fancied you and even schemed to frame my master! From this, it seems that you had an ulterior motive for saving me in the past!”

“Even if we disregard this, I will never forgive you for bullying my master!”

So what if she kicked a benefactor in the teeth? Even if her name went down in history for infamy, she would never forgive anyone who humiliated her master!

Yun Luofeng looked away from Lin Ruobai and wickedly glanced at Qin Xue. “Where’s my sister?”

Qin Xue’s countenance paled. To force Ye Qi into betraying Yun Luofeng, she had dispatched her subordinates to execute corporal punishment. If Yun Luofeng were to meet with Ye Qi, she couldn’t imagine what Yun Luofeng would do to her.

“Qin Xue, where’s the Miss you had captured?” The complexion of the few elders sank as they sternly berated.

Only now did the few elders knew that they misunderstood Yun Luofeng and had nearly attacked their young tribe leader’s master!

In their opinion, their actions had offended their superior and what caused everything was Qin Xue, who easily believed what others said. If that Miss had suffered any injuries in their tribe, they could imagine the young tribe leader’s and Miss Yun’s fury.

Qin Xue was silent without speaking and incessantly pondered for a countermeasure. Although she had been torturing Ye Qi these few days, it wasn’t too serious. Perhaps… Yun Luofeng would spare her life?

Just as she prepared her speech, the elders had impatiently looked at the other disciples.

“Where’s the woman Qin Xue captured?”

“Answering green-robed elder…” A woman then slowly stepped forward. This woman was the one who went looking for Su Jun in the prison cell and passed Ye Qi a piece of clothing.

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