Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1683 - Xiao Bai Awakens (9)

Chapter 1683: Xiao Bai Awakens (9)

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Xiao Mo blushed. If it was a few years back that Xiao Bai spoke these words, he would definitely reject it.

However at this very moment… he was so embarrassed he couldn’t utter a single world. In particular, he felt like kissing the young lady’s gentle and fragrant lips once more.

“It’s you?” Lin Ruobai finally spotted Su Jun and her adorable face instantly sank.

Although Lih Ruobai had lost her memories previously, she clearly remembered everything that happened during that period of time and knew Su Jun pestered her.

Su Jun originally wanted to escape but Lin Ruobai’s words caused everyone’s attention to converge on him, preventing him from escaping. His handsome face was deathly pale.

“Hmph!” Lin Ruobai stood akimbo and arrogantly raised her chin. “Initially when I lost my memories, I was ignorant about everything and so had been deceived by someone like you and even lived together for a year! You had actually wanted me to leave my master? Not only is she my savior, everything I’ve achieved today is due to her guidance!”

Lin Ruobai became increasingly furious as she recalled everything in the past, even wanting to fiercely slap the previous her. Why did she trust such a person and had even caused trouble for her master?

Speaking of this, Lin Ruobai paused for a moment and continued.

“My master is my only family other than my parents, so why should I abandon my family and follow you?”

In an instant, everyone in the Saintly Virgin Tribe looked at Su Jun. There was shock and disbelief in their eyes along with fury…

Of course, the most furious gaze originated from Qin Xue.

Not knowing what happened, Lin Ruobai continued listing Su Jun’s crimes.

“Furthermore, I already have Xiao Mo so it’s impossible that I’d fancy you. The only husband I’ll marry is Xiao Mo, yet you actually used this to conspire against Master and Xiao Mo? I’ll never forgive you!”

Su Jun’s expression turned white from ashen and changed continuously.

Qin Xue released a loud shout and pounced towards Su Jun, delivering a kick on his chest and instantly sending him flying.

As a kick was insufficient, she had dashed towards Su Jun, landing a fist on his handsome face while tears of fury flowed from her eyes.

“B*stard, you deceived me. You actually deceived me!” Qin Xue shouted herself hoarse, wishing she could vent all her anger on Su Jun.

“If it weren’t for you, my sister wouldn’t have died. There wouldn’t be so many casualties in the Saintly Virgin Tribe and I wouldn’t be implicated! It’s all because of your personal grudge and lies that caused so many deaths!”

Su Jun was beaten without even able to defend himself. Soon after, his handsome face swelled into a pig’s head and blood flowed from his mouth.

Lin Ruobai looked at Yun Luofeng in confusion. “Master, what’s going on?”

Currently, Xiao Mo had gradually recovered his senses and walked to Yun Luofeng’s side. However, he was looking at Lin Ruobai all along.

“Xiao Bai, this was what happened…”

Shortly after, Xiao Mo had recounted everything to Lin Ruobai and after she knew that she was the successor while Su Jun had used this to frame Yun Luofeng, flames of fury ignited in her instantly. She then furiously turned towards Qin Xue.

“Get lost! Let me do it!”

Anyone who bullies Master should die!

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