Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1682 - Xiao Bai Awakens (8)

Chapter 1682: Xiao Bai Awakens (8)

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The green-robed elder's expression sank. "Miss, what do you mean? You're looking down on us?" Seemingly not hearing her words, Yun Luofeng continued counting.

"Three…" Suddenly, a wicked smile surfaced on her gorgeous face, as her eyes gradually turned towards Su Jun who wanted to escape.

"Are you sure I kidnapped Xiao Bai?"

Hearing Yun Luofeng's words, Su Jun's footsteps halted and he looked up in surprise, staring straight at the woman's smiling face.

Seeing the smiling intent within her eyes, a feeling of unease rose in his heart. Before he understood what had happened, a familiar voice was heard all of a sudden by everyone.

"Master, what's the matter with that woman named Bi Xiao? Why did she address me as the successor? Furthermore, where am I?"

Lin Ruobai had swayed and disappeared from inside the life tree. The moment she opened her eyes, she had been shocked by what she saw.

This… what is going on? Has my master fought with others? No! As her disciple, I have to help Master!

Thinking of this, Lin Ruobai excitedly kneaded her fist, showing a wicked smile on her face.

In actuality, the moment Yun Luofeng counted to three, Lin Ruobai regained consciousness. However, she had been shocked by Bi Xiao and so was dumbstruck for a moment. Who would have thought that Bi Xiao hadn't even explained anything to her before kicking her out of the tree? Even now, she was still confused.

"Bi Xiao? Bi Xiao, the life tree?" Qin Xue's body froze as her furious gaze glared unwaveringly at Yun Luofeng. "So it was you who stole our tribe's life tree…"

She only heard the name Bi Xiao and overlooked Bi Xiao's address towards Lin Ruobai…

"Shut up!" The blue-robed elder who was originally stunned had suddenly slapped Qin Xue. In that instant, her face became swollen.

"Eld… Elder…"

The blue-robed elder hastily walked towards Lin Ruobai and caused her to be surprised. After she recovered her senses, she furiously shouted. "Get lost!"

Those who fought with her master weren't any kind souls!


Lin Ruobai's strength heavily struck out at the blue-robed elder and she, who completely didn't show any defense, had instantly retreated.

The instant Lin Ruobai attacked, the blue-robed elder noticed a red light in the young lady's eyes…

This red light was not a blood-thirsty glint, but instead was as dazzling as a flame, and it completely filled her eyes before receding soon after.

"That's right. It's her. She's the young tribe leader and I can't be wrong!"

Qin Xue was dumbstruck. This young lady was the young tribe leader? If she heard correctly, she seemed to have called Yun Luofeng as Master…

"Master, who is this old pervert?" Lin Ruobai pouted and looked at Yun Luofeng with her head slanted. However, she spotted Xiao Mo standing beside Yun Luofeng and her eyes immediately brightened…

Xiao Mo who was originally pondering over a question had discovered Lin Ruobai rushing to him when he looked up. Furthermore, she fiercely hugged his neck and kissed his thin lips.

Seemingly struck by lightning, Xiao Mo was compeltely flabbergasted.

His first kiss… had been snatched away by this girl?

Although Lin Ruobai had kissed him before, it has always been on his cheek and this time around, she had actually directly kissed his lips?

"Xiao Mo, I missed you so much!" Lin Ruobai giggled and said. "Now that I've recovered, I want to fulfill my promise and marry you."

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