Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1680 - Xiao Bai Awakens (6)

Chapter 1680: Xiao Bai Awakens (6)

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The blue-robed elder’s expression was very unsightly and snorted. “What’s good about those men in the outside world? I will never let those stinky men stain our disciples’ purity! Furthermore, if the person you mention has the ability, he can feel free to attempt to exterminate my Saintly Virgin Tribe! However, I’m afraid he won’t have the ability to do so…”

Xiao Mo smirked and did not bother to continue bickering with these people and his gaze turned towards the two opposing sides in the fight.

The skeleton corps were undead and undefeatable while the spiritual beasts were also extremely ferocious. Very soon, the tribe’s disciples had fallen into a disadvantaged situation.

“No good!” The blue-robed elder eyes darkened, with a sharp glint flashing across her eyes. Her body then transformed into a sharp light and shot towards Yun Luofeng like a sharp sword.

Seeing that the blue-robed elder was about to reach her, Yun Luofeng had already stretched out her hand, intending to welcome her attack.

However… at this instant, a powerful aura gushed forth from Yun Luofeng’s body with a bang. Perhaps due to this aura’s influence, not to mention the blue-robed elder charging over, even Yun Luofeng had stiffened and couldn’t move.

Then, she heard a domineering child’s voice slowly sounding, “Who dares to touch my mother?”

In the sky, a young figure was gradually revealed. The youngster was wearing an ill-fitting brocade robe that only reached to his knees. While his limbs were fair and slender, and even if he was very young, he had the aura of a sovereign king, seemingly very formidable.

A trace of vigilance flashed across the blue-robed elder’s gaze. Although this youngster looked young, he had brought about a powerful suppressive aura. It was just like… he was a demon that was incomparably scary.

Furthermore, there were green tree vines floating around his surroundings, and these vines had wayed along with the wind, appearing very vivid and realistic, and had enveloped the youngster in between.

“Little Tree?” Yun Luofeng knew Little Tree would awaken soon, but she had never expected he would regain consciousness so soon.

Little Tree had a five to six years old child’s appearance a few months ago but after a few months time, he grew to become an eight to nine years old child upon awakening. Evidently, Little Tree had a bountiful harvest this time around.

“He’s only a child,” Qin Xue sneered, “All of you, attack and kill this little kid first.”

Hearing Qin Xue’s words, Su Jun’s heartbeat instantly leaped. He had personally witnessed Little Tree’s strength in the Xuanqing Sect. It was this little child who had instantly killed Qin Xue’s sibling, Qin Yue.

However, Little Tree was only five to six years old at that time, so how did he suddenly grow up after a few months time?

“Yes, lord Qin Xue.”

Hearing her orders, a few disciples charged over and their speed was very fast, to the extent the few elders were unable to stop them.

“Hold it!” The blue-robed elder’s expression changed and wanted to stop them, but it was too late as those reckless Saintly Virgin Tribe’s disciples had arrived before Little Tree.

“You want to kill me?” Little Tree lazily glanced at the disciples dashing over and a smile gradually surfaced on his childish and adorable face. His smile was filled with mocking.


The tree vines responded instantly, similar to the sharpest killing weapon in the world. The moment they approached, the tree vines transformed into a sharp weapon, instantly piercing their chests.

Qin Xue’s expression was incomparably pale as her lips lightly trembled and her footsteps continuously retreated.

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