Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1678 - Xiao Bai Awakens (4)

Chapter 1678: Xiao Bai Awakens (4)

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Within the prison cell.

Su Ju fiercely pressed on Ye Qi’s body and her clothing had been torn into pieces, revealing her snow-white skin.

Ye Qi’s expression was filled with fear, with tears clouding her eyes. She bit on her lips and glared at Su Jun with hatred.

“Tsk,” Su Jun extended his hand and pinched Ye Qi’s body forcefully, “Looking at you, you’re still a young chick. Unfortunately, you’ve offended me or else I would’ve been more gentle.”

Ye Qi shuddered and her snow-white skin had been bruised by Su Jun’s pinching as sweat poured from her pale face. “If you dare to touch me, my foster parents will definitely avenge me. They absolutely will!”

“Haha, then I’ll be waiting for them to look for me!”

Alas, Ye Qi was naked from head to toe, totally exposed. Looking at her body filled with enticement, Su Jun sinisterly laughed, intending to force himself on her. Unexpectedly, a disciple ran in at this moment.

If it was in the Xuanqing Sect, Su Jun would’ve killed the person who disrupted him, but right now he was in the Saintly Virgin Tribe. Even if he was dissatisfied, he didn’t dare to reveal it on his face.

The Saintly Virgin Tribe were all women and Su Jun was considered a special case. As such, these women were unaware of the ways of the world. After the disciple witnessed this scene, they were instantly struck dumb. Their gazes looking at Su Jun were filled with loathing.

“Su Jun, lord Qin Xue allowed you to stay in the tribe on the account that you had located our successor, but unexpectedly, you dare to commit such dirty actions in our tribe?”

Su Jun suppressed his internal discontent and reluctantly revealed a smile. “You’re mistaken, I only meant to frighten her as she was extremely stubborn. How would I possibly dare to taint the Saintly Virgin Tribe’s territory?”

The disciple snorted, clearly not believing Su Jun’s explanation.

“The elders have come out from closed-door cultivation. Lord Qin Xue summons your presence.”

Su Jun stared blankly. “Why does she require my presence?”

“Because Yun Luofeng has killed her way into the tribe. Lord Qin Xue asks you to head there to recount the incident against Yun Luofeng.”


Ye Qi’s mind was in a state of an explosion and only a few words surfaced in her mind.

Yun Luofeng killed her way into the Saintly Virgin Tribe!

Did she come? Did she come to save her?

Ye Qi’s lips faintly trembled. Never had she expected that Yun Luofeng would honestly come to rescue her…

“Then I’ll have to trouble for you to lead the way.” Su Jun feigned an elegant demeanor and smiled. However, his previous actions had caused the disciple to be extremely disgusted with him. Hesitating for a moment, the disciple took off her outer robe and threw to it Ye Qi.

“Wear these clothes. A woman’s chastity is the most important thing and no matter how big a mistake you’ve committed, your purity shouldn’t be tainted by others.” Her words were clearly meant for Su Jun to hear.

The tribeswomen were very proud and condescending, to the extent of believing themselves to be infallible. However, they had always stuck to their morals. They couldn’t put up with beastly actions such as those of Su Jun, and so did not treat him politely. If it weren’t for lord Qin Xue, she would’ve chased this stinky man out the tribe, preventing him from tarnishing their sacred and beautiful place.

Above the mountains and within the tribe.

Xiao Mo had been angered by these people that his face was red through and through as he furiously glared at everyone. It was also at this time that he spotted Su Jun who arrived with the lead of the tribeswoman and the killing intent in his eyes became denser.

“You’re Su Jun?” The blue-robed elder swept a glance at Su Jun and frowned. Evidently, she was unhappy about a man appearing in the Saintly Virgin Tribe.

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