Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1677 - Xiao Bai Awakens (3)

Chapter 1677: Xiao Bai Awakens (3)

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“Miss, anyone can make mistakes and one should forgive them when possible. No matter how big of a mistake my Saintly Virgin Tribe had committed, it isn’t an excuse for you to exterminate my tribe.

The blue-robed elder’s appearance was very dignified as she spoke coldly. If it was in the past where she encountered a genius like Yun Luofeng, she would definitely accept her into the tribe regardless of anything.

However… she hadn’t neglected the fact that Yun Luofeng killed many of their tribeswomen. Just for this reason, she would never take her in!

“I only came looking for someone.” Yun Luofeng’s indifferent voice sounded.

“Looking for someone?” The blue-robed elder coldly laughed. “My Saintly Virgin Tribe doesn’t have the one you’re looking for.”

If she hadn’t come out of closed-door cultivation, she could imagine what kind of massacre the Saintly Virgin Tribe would encounter. With this point, she would never forgive these people.

Yun Luofeng quirked her brow and her wicked eyes swept towards Qin Yue.

“I’m afraid you have to ask her about this. She captured my fiance’s sister and I came to save her.” The few elders frowned and turned to look at Qin Xue.

Qin Xue glared at Yun Luofeng and snorted. “This was what happened. Previously, I located our tribe’s successor…”

More than ten years ago, the Saintly Virgin Tribe’s leader had suddenly disappeared and by the time she returned, she was pregnant.

Women from the tribe were not allowed to get married and upon hearing the news at that time, the elders were instantly infuriated. However, she was the tribe’s leader and even if the rules passed on in their tribe were not allowed to be changed, they could do nothing to the tribe leader.

Unexpectedly, a prophet of their tribe had predicted that the child the tribe leader was pregnant with would certainly have extremely powerful strength. It was also because of this that the tribe had tacitly agreed to her existence.

Yet, what they hadn’t expected was that after the prophet had made that prediction, the tribe leader disappeared along with that prophet. However, before the prophet left, she informed the elders to increase their strength and when they were sufficiently strong enough, they would be able to locate their tribe leader.

As such, the elders had entered closed-door cultivation and left an order to the Qin Xue sisters who had just ascended to their position as law enforcers of the tribe. That order was that they had to locate the tribe leader’s daughter and serve her as the tribe’s successor.

Even though the tribe leader had headed to a location they were unable to determine, her daughter was still present in this world.

With the item the prophet had left behind, it didn’t prove difficult to search for their successor. However, never would they have imagined that their successor was not on the Seven Province Continent. As such, they had only obtained news of her location after searching for tens of years…

The elders’ breathing suddenly became sluggish as they hastily questioned, “Is what you say the truth? Where is the successor at this moment?”

Qin Yue gnashed her teeth. “The successor had been abducted by this woman and during the search for the successor, my little sister Qin Yue was also killed by her. Luckily, the Xuanqing Sect’s young master Su Jun disclosed information to us and so I found out about this matter!”

All the elder’s expression changed. “Is what you say the truth?”

If this woman had truly injured their successor, the Saintly Virgin Tribe would never let her off!

“This is absolutely true!” Qin Xue looked up. “Supposedly Su Jun would have also perished in her hands but it was Qin Yue who sent him out before her death, and her objective was to let me know of this matter. If the elders are still suspicious, I can summon for Su Jun and he’ll tell you the truth…”

Facing Qin Xue’s complaint, Yun Luofeng did not move in the slightest or even think of providing an explanation. The reason was that… Bi Xiao had told her a moment ago that Xiao Bai was about to awaken!

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