Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1674 - Ye Qi's Choice (3)

Chapter 1674: Ye Qi’s Choice (3)

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“Ah!” A penetrating scream echoed throughout the prison cell. Su Jun held onto his bleeding ear and retreated, using a furious expression to stare intently at Ye Qi.

“D*mn woman, you dare to bite me?”

Ye Qi sneered, revealing a mocking smile. “My choice is still the same. I’ll never comply with you!”

“Good! Good, good, good!” Su Jun laughed from anger and repeated his words.

“I’ve given you your last chance and since you didn’t cherish it, you can’t blame me.”


Su Jun once again walked to Ye Qi and lifted her lapels, slapping her and producing a crisp sound. Instantly, Ye Qi’s left face swelled, with a trace of blood flowing out her lips. Even so, the mocking in her eyes was still as dense as before, not fearing to look Su Jun in the eyes.

“Rotten girl! If I don’t teach you a lesson, you won’t know the price to pay for your actions!”

Su Ju lifted Ye Qi by her hair and fiercely slammed her head on the wall. With a bang, Ye Qi felt her eyes going dark and she only recovered after a long time.

“Hit me as you will and kill me if you have the guts! I’m Jun Fengling’s and Ye Jingchen’s daughter and they educated me since I was young to die rather than surrender!”

No matter how many mistakes Ye Qi had committed because of her naivety in the past, she had not lost her lofty and unyielding character. This was because her mother was Jun Fengling and her father was Ye Jingchen!

They would rather die than surrender, and this was her air of arrogance and unyielding character!

“Hahaha!” Su Jun laughed wildly with a malevolent smile. “Well said. Rather die than surrender? Then what if I make you wish you were dead?”

Ye Qi slightly froze, yet her face still carried determination. She could never yield and she would never do anything that would cause her foster parents to grieve!

“Frankly speaking ever since meeting Lin Ruobai, I’ve never touched another woman. Although your appearance cannot be compared to Lin Ruobai, it can still satisfy my thirst.” Su Jun fiercely pushed Ye Qi on the ground and spoke sinisterly, “I’d like to know Yun Luofeng’s expression after knowing her husband’s younger sister was raped by me.”

Fear finally surfaced in Ye Qi’s gaze. She pushed the man away with her utmost effort and screamed.

“No! No!”

She was prepared to die, but that didn’t mean she was willing to suffer such humiliation. If she were to lose her chastity, she would rather die!

“You’re finally afraid? Unfortunately, it’s too late.”


Su Jun smiled sinisterly and tore Ye Qi’s clothing into pieces, revealing her snow-white chest.

Su Jun who originally acted to vent his hatred had become aroused after looking at her undulating chest. With this two arms tightly pressing on Ye Qi, lust surged forth in his eyes.

Ye Qi had abandoned her struggles, with her complexion as white as paper while tears flowed from her eyes. Ultimately, she shut her eyes. If this was her fate, then she could only resign herself. Suddenly a familiar appearance surfaced in her mind.

That face wasn’t brother Ye Ximo who she longed for… but instead, Yun Luofeng who she once regarded as her enemy! However, with how she treated her in the past, would she come to rescue her?

Outside the Saintly Virgin Tribe’s gates, a group of undead skeletons murdered their way in. They were just like a soldier without any feelings, with two moss-green flames in their eyes.

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