Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1673 - Ye Qi's Choice (2)

Chapter 1673: Ye Qi’s Choice (2)

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With these skeleton corps, she no longer had the be careful and take precautions against dangerous zones. Instead, she could travel towards the Saintly Virgin Tribe at the fastest speed.


Within the Saintly Virgin Tribe, a powerful and mighty force exploded from the rear forbidden grounds, shocking the entire mountain range.

Qin Xue ran over from the tribe’s hall in haste and looked at the rear mountain brimming with spirit energy in pleasant surprise.

“The elders have finally come out from closed-door cultivation?”

Boom! Boom boom boom!

In an instant, lightning flashed and thunder rolled around the rear mountain forbidden ground. With the lightning as contrast, the entire sky was awfully bright. However, the aura surrounding the rear mountain’s forbidden grounds did not disperse, with lightning striking down again and again, it caused the whole mountain range to tremble.

“Lord Qin Xue, something bad is happening!” A hasty voice sounded from the front and soon after, she saw a disciple walking over in haste, with her forehead filled with sweat while revealing anxiousness.

“Lord Qin Xue, someone has forced their way into the Saintly Virgin Tribe.”

“Forced their way in?” Qin Xue’s face suddenly sank and she coldly asked, “Who has such courage to force their way into our tribe?”

“It’s… it’s a group of skeletons.” The disciple’s voice trembled.


Qin Xue stared distractedly and very soon, recovered her senses.

“The elders are coming out very soon. We can’t let anyone disrupt them so kill those who approach without mercy!”

As she spoke, Qin Xue’s killing intent had already spread out, flooding the entire mountain peak…

In the prison cell, it was dim and damp.

Ye Qi’s body collapsed on the ground in bad shape. Her body was filled with scars and her face was deathly pale, revealing fear in her eyes. No one knew what she had suffered in these few days… and she wasn’t willing to experience the same pain the second time.

“Ye Qi, how are you progressing with your choice?” Su Jun’s voice suddenly sounded. “If you agree to our request, not only will you have your freedom back, you can also enter the Saintly Virgin Tribe. This is something many have yearned for even in their dreams.”

Ye Qi slowly looked up. “What do you want from me?”

“In a few days, the Saintly Virgin Tribe’s elders will be coming out from closed-door cultivation. At that time, they will certainly capture Yun Luofeng for interrogation. I want you to step out and make a statement that Yun Luofeng not only abducted their successor, she had also been extremely harsh and brutal towards her. In addition, the successor has been living miserably in her hands.”

Those Saintly Virgin Tribe’s elders were not as easily deceived as Qin Xue sisters. If Qin Xue wasn’t able to kill Yun Luofeng before then, the elders would definitely encounter Yun Luofeng. With Ye Qi’s testimonial, everything would be different…

“Can I ask, who is your Saintly Virgin Tribe’s successor?”

“Lin Ruobai,” Su Jun answered without hesitation. “I know you understand Lin Ruobai’s and Yun Luofeng’s relationship. Unfortunately, now that Lin Ruobai is dead, the dead cannot testify and you can only help me.”

Ye Qi froze.

The Saintly Virgin Tribe’s successor they mentioned was actually Lin Ruobai? Furthermore… Lin Ruobai was dead?

“Right now, you can tell me your choice.” Su Jun raised his head. With a few days of torture, he believed that Ye Qi knew what choice she should select.

Ye Qi smiled and beckoned Su Jun towards her. “Strech your ears here and I’ll inform you of my choice…”

Without hesitating, Su Jun slowly walked to Ye Qi’s side. Lowering his body, he moved his ears closer.

Within this Saintly Virgin Tribe, he figured that Ye Qi didn’t dare to attack him.

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