Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1672 - Ye Qi’s Choice (1)

Chapter 1672: Ye Qi's Choice (1)

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That’s right, When she met Yun Luofeng at the start, she had hated that woman. Who asked her big brother to treat her so well, to the extent of chiding her because of Yun Luofeng? However, at that time, Ye Qi did not know that Yun Luofeng was actually her own sister-in-law!

Her life was given to her by her foster parents and how would she bear for them to be heartbroken? Furthermore, she was originally at fault regarding that matter and so she had already accepted Yun Luofeng’s existence in her heart…

“I’ve never hated her.” Ye Qi slightly looked up. “I owe the Ye Family and my foster parents. If I can use my life to repay them, I have no regrets.”

“Ye Qi, don’t rush in giving me an answer. I will give you a few days to consider,” Qin Xue sneered. “However, in these few days, I’ll have you taste the methods of our tribe and I hope you can be as determined as before. Su Ju, let’s go!” After speaking, Qin Ye slowly turned as killing intent was revealed in her eyes.

A ridiculing smile quirked on Su Jun’s lips.

Yun Luofeng, the grudge of destroying my Xuanqing Sect, I will return it to you with both principal and interest!

Outside the prison cell, Qin Yue paused her footsteps and looked towards Su Jun with indifference.

“In a few days, the elders will come out from closed-door cultivation and at that time, I will inform the elders about the recent happenings. Therefore, let me ask you one final time, is our tribe’s successor in Yun Luofeng’s hands?”

Su Jun clenched his teeth and nodded. “Lord Qin Xue, this matter is absolutely true. At that time, Miss Lin was indeed taken away by Yun Luofeng. In addition, she wanted to compel Miss Lin to marry her little brother!”

The little brother he referred to was evidently Xiao Mo. How could he not detect the intimacy between Xiao Mo and Lin Ruobai that day? When he recalled that the woman he was about to obtain had been snatched away, how could he be happy?

Luckily Lin Ruobai was unconscious or perhaps had even lost her life. As such, he had the chance to frame Yun Luofeng. Who asked her to appear and disrupt his plans? Even though Yun Luofeng claimed that Lin Ruobai was her disciple, how could the Saintly Virgin Tribe believe her words?

Suddenly, Su Jun laughed maniacally in his mind but didn’t dare to reveal it. His face was currently displaying a sad expression instead.

“Lord Qin Xue, you have to avenge Miss Lin.”


The aura on Qin Xue surged forth and caused the trees on one side to be instantly destroyed.

Her expression was cold. “If your words turn out to be true, I will definitely dismember Yun Luofeng into a thousand pieces!”

This time around, not only was it for Lin Ruobai, she was also avenging her little sister. Therefore, regardless of whether Lin Ruobai was in Yun Luofeng’s hands, this woman had to die!

The Saintly Virgin Tribe was erected on a mountain above the clouds and the scenery looked picturesque.

At this moment beneath the mountain, a white-robed lady stopped her tracks and her slender fingers caressed her chin. Looking at this mountain reaching through the clouds, she quirked her brow and narrowed her eyes.

Within her soul, Xiao Mo’s voice slowly sounded. “Master, since this mountain is the Saintly Virgin Tribe’s base, there will be countless danger everywhere. You have to be extremely careful.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Yun Luofeng smiled. “These traps don’t pose a problem.”

The moment she spoke, the skeleton troop that she captured at God Burial Mountain had appeared out of thin air. This was the first time she put them to good use ever since she had obtained this skeleton troop.


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