Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1671 - Ye Qi Abducted (4)

Chapter 1671: Ye Qi Abducted (4)

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“Why did I abduct you?” An ice-cold voice sounded from outside the prison cell, chilly to the extent of causing Ye Qi’s body to shiver uncontrollably.

She had seemingly descended into an ice house at this instant, as she was chilled to the bone.

“On this matter, you have to blame Yun Luofeng.” After she spoke, a man and a woman walked in.

“Lord Qin Xue, I’ve dispatched someone to check. This woman is Yun Luofeng’s husband’s younger sister and by capturing her, Yun Luofeng will definitely appear.” The man smiled and his eyes filled with mocking swept past Ye Qi’s deathly white face as he slowly spoke.

Qin Xue was the one who collaborated with the North Province, with the intention to deal with Yun Luofeng. She was also the sister of the woman named Qin Yue who perished in Yun Luofeng’s hands that day in the Xuanqing Sect.

Qin Xue raised her chin and spoke in an overbearing manner. “Su Jun, after I’ve captured Yun Luofeng, I’ll also provide you with a chance to personally torture her.”

Su Jun was the young sect master of the Xuanqing Sect. That year since Su Jun failed to capture Xiao Bai’s affection, he had complained about Yun Luofeng to the Saintly Virgin Sect. It was to the extent that their experts believed Yun Luofeng had abducted Xiao Bai and so dispatched their forces to kill her.

Unexpectedly, not only did Yun Luofeng destroy the Xuanqing Sect, she had also killed Qin Yue.

Originally, Su Jun would have died without a doubt, but he was transported away by Qin Yue using a secret art, allowing him to keep his life…

Yun Luofeng? Ye Qi opened her mouth in astonishment. Had these people captured her to deal with Yun Luofeng?

“Lord Qin Xue, when I dispatched men to investigate Yun Luofeng’s family background, I found out that this woman named Ye Qi seems to have had a dispute with Yun Luofeng in the past.”

Having heard what he said, Qin Xue frowned. “If so, will Yun Luofeng come for her?”

“Lord Qin Yue, you can rest assured that Yun Luofeng will definitely come.”

This woman cherished family relations and for the Ye Family, she would certainly save Ye Qi.

“However, I have an even better idea,” Su Jun sneered and his line of sight turned towards Ye Qi, with a cunning glint contained within. “Ye Qi, I’ll present you with an opportunity. If you are willing to work together with us to deal with Yun Luofeng, you’ll definitely have endless glory, splendor, wealth, and rank in the future.”

Ye Qi snorted and turned away, not sparing another glance at Su Jun.

Su Jun didn’t get angry and continued enticing her. “Ye Qi, do you know of lord Qin Xue’s identity? Now that all the elders of the Saintly Virgin Tribe are in closed-door cultivation, she has the highest position in the tribe. If you rely on us, you’ll definitely be able to walk freely within this Seven Province Continent.”

“Furthermore, you lost all your face many years ago because of Yun Luofeng. Don’t you hate her in the slightest?”

Yun Luofeng! Someone of yours snatched Xiao Bai’s heart and you even purged my Xuanqing Sect. Having you die is letting you off too easy. I want you to have a taste of the pain and suffering of being betrayed by your family!

“Get lost!” Ye Qi furiously pointed at Su Jun. “Having me rely on you? Dream on! If you have the capability, then kill me right now. If not, stop chirping here endlessly!”

Su Jun’s eyes darkened. “Lord Qin Xue, since this woman wants to have it the hard way, we should teach her a lesson!”

Hearing his words, Qin Xue did not have any reaction. She coldly gazed at Ye Qi and slowly said, “Ye Qi, what Su Jun said isn’t without reason. If you’re willing to rely on us, I will give you a way to keep on living. Otherwise… you’ll be experiencing a living hell in the following days!”

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