Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1667 - Saintly Virgin Tribe Came Looking for Trouble (4)

Chapter 1667: Saintly Virgin Tribe Came Looking for Trouble (4)

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“Ah!” The woman screamed and flew out with a bang, landing on the ground in a sorry figure.

“Who allowed you to come to the Land of No Return?” Yun Luofeng raised her head and looked down at the woman who fell on the ground.

“What are you staring for?” The woman gnashed her teeth, “Arrest this b*stard right now!” The tribeswomen wanted to go up but they instinctively retreated after sensing the aura leaking from Yun Luofeng.

“Yun Yi,” Yun Luofeng coldly called out.


The instant her voice sounded, a huge figure heavily landed on the ground. His imposing might was similar to a god that stood before Yun Luofeng and guarded her. This man was very tall and well-built. Even if his body was ridden with scars, it couldn’t conceal the hostility that radiated from his body.

“Other than that woman, kill everyone without sparing any!” An order slowly flowed from her lips that was filled with austere killing aura, lingering within the courtyard.

“What do you think you’re doing?” The woman trembled. She never expected Yun Luofeng would return to the Land of No Return! Furthermore, she had returned in such a short time!

“What am I doing?” Yun Luofeng sneered. “Do you wish to know what hell is like?”

“I don…” Before having the chance to finish speaking, she saw flames surging forth from underneath her and they instantly enveloped her body. She felt extreme pain as if she was in hell.

Following Huohuo’s strength recovering, her flames had become increasingly ferocious and under her control, she could cause others to experience pain and suffering.

“Those who attacked my family, kill them all!”

She, Yun Luofeng, wasn’t a kind person. It was fine that the common people claimed that she was heartless and merciless, sinister and vicious. She only wanted to protect her family! As such, she would rather kill all without hesitation.

Yun Luofeng slowly turned around and looking at the old man, a faint smile appeared on her exceedingly gorgeous appearance.

“Grandfather, I’ve returned…” After a separation of five years, she had finally returned!

Yun Luo’s heart was filled with excitement and nearly cried out of joy. However, he suppressed his internal emotions and revealed an angry face while speaking as if in a bad mood.

“You still know how to return after leaving for five years?”

She was unable to refute him because it was the longest period Yun Luofeng had left the family. No one knew how he had endured or passed his days during this period of time…

“En?” Yun Luofeng quirked her brow. “Coming home this time, I even brought you a gift. Forget it if you don’t need it.”

“A gift?”

Hearing this, the old man’s eyes immediately brightened. Clearing his throat, he pretended to be solemn and said, “At least you still have a conscience and know to bring a present for your grandfather. Where’s the present? Take it out and show your filial respect.”

Yun Luofeng’s smile deepened and reaching out her hand, a dark green fruit appeared in her palm.

“This is the life fruit. After consuming it, it can extend your life for ten years.”

Extend my life for ten years? This was actually a good present!

His eyes radiated an intense glimmer and even his breathing became urgent. “Quick, give this fruit to me. How can just one of these be enough? At least you’ve got to gift me with ten… no, a hundred of it!”

Looking at the old man losing his composure, seemingly a bad model example, Yun Luofeng helplessly shrugged her shoulders.

“I only have one right now and furthermore, you should let me treat the Ye Family head’s injuries first…”

Carefully keeping the life fruit, Yun Luo intended to slowly enjoy the fruit after returning to his room.

“On account that you’re going to treat the in-law, I’ll let you off for now. When you have something good in the future, remember to present it to your grandfather to show your filial respect.”


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