Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1666 - Saintly Virgin Tribe Came Looking for Trouble (3)

Chapter 1666: Saintly Virgin Tribe Came Looking for Trouble (3)

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Old man Ye's voice was disjointed and couldn't even string together a whole sentence. If he stood by one side and disregarded Yun Luo in danger, then he would've betrayed Yun Luofeng's trust.

"In-law… even at the expense of my life, I will never let… anyone use you to threaten Feng'er."

Yun Luo tightly clenched his fist as his furious gaze glared at the Saintly Virgin Tribe.

"All these years, Feng'er has never provoked others on her initiative yet there will always be people who provoke her first…"

The woman's mocking eyes shot towards the half dead old man Ye before turning towards Yun Luo.

"Who said she's never provoked us? If she hadn't abducted our successor, our experts would have never found trouble for her!"

"Utter rubbish!" Yun Luo spat out vulgarities in anger, "Feng'er would never abduct anyone!"

"Hmph! According to a reliable report, our tribe's successor Lin Ruobai was abducted by Yun Luofeng!"

Lin Ruobai? Yun Luo's body suddenly stiffened. Wasn't Xiao Bai Yun Luofeng's disciple?

Thinking of this, he had also said his internal thoughts out loud. However, who knew after hearing the old man's words, the woman would egotistically laugh.

"Would our Tribe's successor acknowledge some woman as her master?" This is the funniest joke I've ever heard! Does she think she has the rights? Don't think you'll be spared from death with your lies! Those who offended our Saintly Virgin Tribe will definitely die!"


A gale surged forth and the woman's head full of black hair danced in the wind. Her aura that was as sharp as a sword shot towards Yun Luo. Under this powerful suppressive aura, Yun Luo couldn't move in the slightest. Even so, a mocking smile surfaced on his lips.

At this point in time, he actually dares to be so arrogant?

The woman became more furious and naturally, wouldn't show any mercy.

Seeing the long sword formed by her aura about to penetrate the old man's chest, an invisible might suddenly pressed down from the sky in this instant and immediately her aura had disappeared.

"It seems like the lesson I've given the tribe was insufficient." This voice was chilly and wicked, containing an eerie aura that caused one to tremble with fear.

The woman's expression had a drastic change and looking up, a woman that looked extremely gorgeous in a white robe whiter than snow appeared in the skies.

There was no lack of beauties in the Saintly Virgin Tribe and a great number of them were devastatingly beautiful. However, there was none who was more beautiful than this white-robed lady…

"Grandfather." The white-robed lady stepping on air had reached the ground in a few steps. It was so swift that her afterimage could be seen in the skies.

"Feng'er, quickly check if old man Ye can be saved!" The moment he saw Yun Luofeng, he hastily spoke.

In a flash, Yun Luofeng's figure appeared by old man Ye's side. She reached out and took a stalk of healing spirit grass from the God Code World and extracted the juice to feed old man Ye.

"His internal organs are crushed and for now, I'll stop his bleeding first. To have him recover from his injuries, I have to concoct some medicine."

The medicine produced by ordinary medicinal herbs was unable to cure old man Ye's injuries and only the spirit herbs in the God Code World could ease his wounds. Fortunately, the gold-seeking hamsters did not deplete all the spirit herbs and had left a portion for her, allowing her to have sufficient resources to concoct medicine for old man Ye…

"Following this would be the time to settle our debts." Yun Luofeng slowly turned around as her wicked eyes coldly stared directly at the Saintly Virgin Tribe.

"Yun Luofeng?" The woman's expression changed.

Why would she appear here?

Yun Luofeng slowly raised her hand and powerful energy burst forth from her palms with a bang, suddenly striking the woman's chest.

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