Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1665 - Saintly Virgin Tribe Came Looking for Trouble (2)

Chapter 1665: Saintly Virgin Tribe Came Looking for Trouble (2)

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The woman slightly looked up and spoke with arrogance across her face.

Old man Ye’s expression suddenly changed as his eyes darkened.

“Old man, you better make a decision. Are you going to defend the Yun Family and be labeled with the same crimes?” The woman coldly smiled.

Suddenly, an aged voice sounded from the rear, containing an insufferably arrogant haughtiness.

“In-laws, since these people came looking for the Yun Family, then your Ye Family shouldn’t meddle in this business. I’d like this see how the Saintly Virgin Tribe can deal with us.”

The woman narrowed her eyes and her line of sight gradually fell on the old man in brocade clothing.

“Who are you?”

The old man stroked his jaw and held his head high. “This old man would never change my name or surname, you can call me as the Yun Family’s Yun Luo! Which is also Yun Luofeng’s grandfather.”

“Hmph!” The woman smile in a mocking tone, “Unexpectedly you’re not afraid of death and dare to reveal yourself.”

Old man Yun rolled his eyes as his aged face was filled with contempt.

“Why would I be afraid? Just because you suffered a defeat at my granddaughter’s hands, you also dare to come to threaten me?”

“Who did you say suffered a defeat?” The woman furiously glared at old man Yun and gnashed her teeth in anger.

Old man Yun’s face was filled with contempt. “Since you mentioned my precious granddaughter killing your tribeswoman, then isn’t it equivalent to being defeated by my granddaughter? If it weren’t because you couldn’t do anything to her, would you especially come to the Land of No Return and cause trouble?”

“You…” The woman’s expression turned ashen as she angrily pointed at Yun Luo, “No wonder you have such a savage granddaughter. So as it turns out, she was taught by you! Someone like you who is unpardonably wicked should be sent to the eighteen depths of hell! Disciples, subdue this old man! I’d like to see how he continues being so egotistical and rampant!”


In an instant, the tribeswomen leaped and dashed towards Yun Luo rapidly. Facing their attacks, Yun Luo heartily laughed.

“My precious granddaughter isn’t at fault, she merely kills those who deserve to be killed. If you dare to touch a single strand of my hair, my granddaughter will definitely overturn your Saintly Virgin Tribe!”

The woman trembled from rage. “Capture the rest as hostages but kill this cheap-mouthed old man!”

In actual fact, Yun Luo said those words were to infuriate these people as he’d rather die than drag down Yun Luofeng!

“Careful!” Old man Ye’s expression changed. His body reacted faster than his mind and just as their attacks pressed near, he blocked in front of Yun Luo and forcibly received their attack.


The old man was abruptly sent flying, with fresh blood flowing out and a huge power spread throughout the entire courtyard, producing a loud explosion. It was to the extent that dust had filled the entire courtyard and covered the azure skies.

“In-law!” Yun Luo’s aged face became pale in a flash as he hastily walked to old man Ye’s side.

“In law, what are you doing? Don’t you know I purposely infuriated her so she would kill me instead of using me to threaten Feng’er?”

Old man Ye dryly coughed and fresh blood flowed out endlessly. His complexion was incomparably pale and even his breathing was very weak.

“Although Yun… Yun Xiao isn’t my grandson, but… in my heart, I treat him as my biological grandson. Therefore, I’ve always regarded him and Feng’er as my family… Feng’er decided to settle you down in the Ye Family was because she believed… that the Ye Family could protect you.”

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