Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1664 - Saintly Virgin Tribe Came Looking for Trouble (1)

Chapter 1664: Saintly Virgin Tribe Came Looking for Trouble (1)

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Yun Qingya bitterly smiled. How could a place like the netherworld exist? This was only an imaginative world people had thought up of because of the longing for their family…

However, he did not speak up to interrupt Yun Luofeng as his clear eyes gazed at her determined face and revealed a smile.

If my big brother and sister-in-law could see the currently Feng’er, they would definitely be extremely gratified.


Just then, a huge explosion suddenly sounded from the city, causing the ground to slightly shake.

“What happened?” Yun Qingya’s face sank as he slowly turned. Looking at the spreading dust covering the skies, his expression gradually turned cold.

Ning Xin landed from the skies and stood beside Yun Qingya and her expression was serious. “The commotion seemed to originate from the Ye Family.”

Ye Family?

Just as these two words were mentioned, they saw Yun Luofeng who was just standing by their sides disappear all of a sudden. Her figure was as swift as a lightning bolt and shot out quickly.

“Brother Yun, we should head over and take a look.”

Even though they were married for five years, Ning Xin was still accustomed to addressing Yun Qingya as brother Yun…

“Mom, Shui’er wants to go too.” Yun Ruoshui pouted and her eyes were gleaming with tears that looked clear and shining.

“Shui’er, Jun’er, you and the others shall stay here,” Ning Xin paused and continued speaking. “I’ll take a look at what happened.”

Ye Family.

A group of experts descended from the skies and obstructed the Ye Family’s gates.

Leading the group was a woman that had an air of arrogance and her eyes contained contempt. Evidently, she did not place these people in her eyes.

“The task this time is very effortless. It’ll be easy enough just to take down these people.” Before coming to the Ye Family, she had already investigated their background.

Even though Ye Family’s reputation was renowned throughout the Land of No Return and no one dared to provoke them, unfortunately, they would collapse at the first blow when facing the Saintly Virgin Tribe.

“May I know your identities and why have you come to our Ye Family?”

Old man Ye hastily walked out from the gates with a frown as his vigilant expression looked at everyone obstructing their gates. Even if it was a group of women standing before him, he could sense terrifying strength radiating from their bodies.

“I heard that Yun Luofeng’s family members are in your Ye Estate?” The woman sneered. “I will not make things difficult for you. Just have those people get out here quickly and it’ll be fine.”

Old man Ye’s expression slightly darkened. These people came looking for Yun Luofeng’s family? Now that Yun Luofeng wasn’t in the Land of No Return, he had the responsibility to protect her family.

“Miss, you’re too overbearing. In this Land of No Return, no one dares to arrest people from my Ye Family!” Old man Ye snorted and flung his sleeves. A powerful aura radiated from his body as his long gray robes flew without wind.

The woman was stunned for a moment before continuing to laugh heartily.

“Old man, could it be that you’re unaware of something called, however strong you are, there is always someone stronger? That’s right, your Ye Family is indeed very strong in the Land of No Return, but unfortunately, you’re not worth a dime before our Saintly Virgin Tribe!” She smirked as her face revealed disdain.

Saintly Virgin Tribe?” The old man was somewhat stunned. Where did this faction originate from, and why had he never heard of them?

“You’re not from the Land of No Return?” Only this answer could resolve his internal suspicions.

“At least you’re able to make discerning judgments. You can only blame Yun Luofeng for killing our tribeswoman, and so we can only find her family to get even!”


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