Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1662 - Going Home (3)

Chapter 1662: Going Home (3)

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Ye Jun had always abhorred evils as deadly foes and hearing the little child’s tearful complain, her face became red through and through from anger.

“Why are there people who are so cruel and unscrupulous in this word? Aunt Ning Xin, can we take in these children? In any case, the Ye Family is huge and has a large business, they wouldn’t be too much for us to handle.

Ning Xin pinched her brows and after a long time, she loosened her hands.

“I will send people to verify what you said. If it’s the truth, the Ye Family will take you in but if I find out that are lying, I will not be lenient even if you’re children!”

She would never allow anyone to scheme against her family and kin!

The girl’s grieving expression into happiness. “Thank you Miss Ning, thank you Young Miss Ye Jun.”

Yun Ruoshui walked up and helped her up while gently blinking her eyes.

“Do you wish to personally get even with your uncle and aunt?”

The girl was stunned and hastily nodded. “My father died because of him, but before his death, he asked those who journeyed with him to bring the medicinal herb back. Otherwise, my uncle would’ve long been dead. However, they kicked their benefactor in the teeth and sold me. How could I not want to get even with them?

“Mother,” Yun Ruoshui looked up at Ning Xin and her watery eyes contained an innocent glint. “Why don’t you take her in as your disciple and teach her cultivation?”

Ning Xin stared blankly. This girl’s talents were considered good and if instructed well, she would have great achievements in the future. Furthermore, she had never rejected her daughter’s requests.

“Alright, the children who stayed behind today, I will impart cultivation methods to you and it’ll depend on your talents and hard work!” Ning Xin paused and continued speaking. “If you can attain a level I am satisfied with in five years, then Ye Jun and her brother along with Shui’er will be protected by you in the future!”

As Yun Ruoshui and Ye Jun brother and sister were still young, having these children become their bodyguards was suitable.

Of course, everything had to depend on their achievements. The children felt joyous, as they never expected an accident would provide them with an opportunity to enter the Ye Family and receive Ning Xin’s personal teaching… There was even a chance to become the attendant of the Ye Family’s heirs.

Just as Ning Xin finished speaking, Yun Luofeng had brought Wu Yan along. Wu Yan had changed his previous cold and detached attitude and his handsome face revealed respect.

“Feng’er,” Ning Xin walked to Yun Luofeng’s side with quick steps, “how is it? Have you questioned this young man’s background?”

Yun Luofeng shook her head. “That isn’t important. More importantly, he will stay in the Ye Family in the future and in addition, protect Shui’er by her side.

If it was someone else and without checking the other party’s background, Ning Xin would definitely reject arranging them into the Ye Family. However, the one who spoke was Yun Luofeng. She believed that every decision of hers was correct.

“Alright.” Without hesitation, Ning Xin agreed.

Yun Luofeng quirked her lips. Although Wu Yan’s strength had been sealed, she believed that with him by Shui’er’s side, she would definitely be safe.

“Brother Wu Yan,” An innocent smile surfaced on Yun Ruoshui’s face, looking naive and adorable. “In the future, we are friends!”


Wu Yan was stunned. He lowered his head and looking at the hand she stretched out, he was moved. So it turns out, he could have friends?

With an unexpected coincidence, Wu Yan held on to Yun Ruoshui’s petite hand and it was also at this instant that he made a firm resolution. Even if I had to give up my life, I will protect this naive and innocent smile on her face.


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