Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1661 - Going Home (2)

Chapter 1661: Going Home (2)

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The young man stared blankly. The assignment Yun Luofeng gave him was to accompany a little girl? Wasn’t this somewhat like using a talented person in an insignificant position?

“Master, even though my strength has been sealed, I am still of use if I stayed by your side. You…”

Yun Luofeng frowned. “I don’t like others questioning my decisions. If you do not carry out my orders, I can only ask you to leave.”

The young lady’s words were wicked and filled with coldness. So much so that it had contained an eerie aura, causing the young man to suddenly shudder.

He then lowered his head. “Wu Yan is willing to obey my lord’s orders.”

“With my current strength, I’m unable to remove your seal. Give me some time and I will think of a method to help you.”

Yun Luofeng looked at the young man, and a glint streaked across her eyes. Just a moment ago, the voice of Bi Xiao the Life Tree was transmitted to her.

“Master, this young man isn’t someone of this world…”

“Not from this world? What do you mean?”

Bi Xiao hesitated for a moment and sighed. “With a myriad of worlds, there’s nothing too bizarre. In this world, there would naturally be countless continents generated. The seal in this young man’s body is somewhat special and with your current abilities, you can’t help him. You’ll only be able to remove his seal after getting stronger.”

However, not waiting for Yun Luofeng to question closely about the specifics, Bi Xiao continued speaking. “The young man not telling you some things is very beneficial to you and I will not say anything further. You only have to know that your strength is insufficient…”

That’s right! Her current strength was insufficient! Only when she became even more powerful would she be able to help Shui’er and even more close family and friends!

On the streets, there were many people crowded around. The moment they saw the Ye Family’s spirit beasts sending Ruyi and company under escort, their eyes revealed astonishment. In particular, behind them was a group of young and immature children.

“You all can leave.” Ning Xin turned towards the children and said. “The spirit beasts of the Ye Family will take you home.”

A portion of the children shed tears of gratitude but there was a portion who hesitated without leaving.

“En?” Ning Xin quirked her brow. “You all don’t intend on going home?”

The child who questioned Yun Ruoshui spoke after hesitating for a moment. “My parents… were killed by the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang.” After speaking, tears surfaced from the corners of her eyes.

“When the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang wanted to abduct me, they were discovered by my parents. Since they had already started, they decided to carry it through whatever happened, so they murdered my parents and threw their bodies off a cliff…”

The girl’s tearful complaint had affected Yun Ruoshui and her eyes also unconsciously reddened.

“Mother, she’s very pitiful. Let’s help her.”

Ning Xin frowned and looked at the other children. “What about the rest of you?”

Hearing her questioning, the children explained in succession.

Some kids originally did not have parents and were asking for alms out the streets, but had been seen by the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang. There were even some whose relatives who lacked money and sold them cheaply. Towards a place like that, they would rather not return or else they would still be unable to escape the life of being sold.

“Miss Ning, I beg of you not to send me back home,” A girl hastily knelt before Ning Xin and cried pitifully. “That year, my uncle fell sick, and my father was eaten by a spirit beast while trying to gather medicine for him. My mother then passed away due to sorrow. So, I was adopted by my uncle’s family. However, in order to get my cousin a wife, they sold me to the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang. Wuu wuu, I don’t want to return…”


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