Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1660 - Going Home (1)

Chapter 1660: Going Home (1)

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Wu Yan turned taciturn, seemingly pondering over something and after a long time, he made a decision. His unwavering attention fell on Yun Luofeng. "Regarding this matter, I wish to speak with you alone."

"Feng'er!" Hearing his request, Ning Xin's heart tightened and she was filled with vigilance towards Wu Yan, afraid that the other party would do something harmful towards Yun Luofeng.

In contrast, Yun Luofeng revealed a smile. "Second Aunt, take others out first. I'd like to speak with him alone."

Ning Xin was somewhat hesitant but ultimately she chose to believe in Yun Lufoeng's choice.

"Shui'er, let's go out first and not disturb your cousin…" She quirked her brow and her eyes swept across the children. "Now you're free and I'll send Ye Family guards to take you home."

After speaking, her stern gaze shot towards the two members of the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang. "You'll have to pay the price for daring to kidnap my daughter!"

Whoosh! In that instant, two spirit beasts swooped down and landed before Ning Xin. "Bring these two along and take everyone back to the Ye Family for punishment!" Ning Xin then stepped out of the cottage after settling everything, leaving the space for Yun Luofeng.

There was a smile on Yun Luofeng's face as her fingers gently caressed her chin. "Alright, now you can tell me your identity."

"I can't tell anyone my identity," Wu Yan looked up, and his pitch-black eyes contained a resolute glint. "However, I wish that you could take me in. If you do so, I will definitely be of help to you in the future!"

"Help?" Yun Luofeng gently chuckled. "Someone has cast a restriction on your body so how can you help me?"

The young man's expression stiffened. Evidently, he had anticipated that the condition of his body couldn't be concealed from Yun Luofeng. "I believe you have the ability to remove this restriction."

"Reason, give me a reason. Or should I say, how would I benefit from helping you?"

Yun Luofeng would never do something without a benefit.


Wu Yan suddenly knelt on the ground with one knee, with a deferential expression. "I have nothing to give you, and the only thing I have is this life of mine! If you're willing to take me in, from today on my life belongs to you!"

"Alright, I'll agree to it." The young lady's wicked voice was similar to a gentle wind, entering Wu Yan's ears.

His eyes widened and he looked at the white-robed lady in disbelief.

Did she agree? Why? Everyone claims that Yun Luofeng is vicious and merciless but why did she agree to my request without asking for a reason or figuring out my identity? This… was too unconventional.

Thinking of this, Wu Yan felt apprehensive internally. "You're not going to continue asking about my identity?"

"Since you're unwilling to say, naturally I won't force you. I've always believed in my instincts." Her instincts had always been accurate. For example, her instincts told her that the little boy she picked up and named Wu was definitely problematic!

"Thank you."

Wu Yan's voice was somewhat hoarse. "Right now, I can't reveal my identity but when the time comes, I will honestly reveal it to you. However, I can guarantee that I will never betray you in my life."

The young man's expression brightened, to the extent it was as dazzling as the sunlight.

"I have a matter to settle now and can't take you with me. Right now the assignment I'll give you is to stay in the Ye Family and accompany Shui'er's growth."

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