Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1659 - Yun Luofeng Arrives (5)

Chapter 1659: Yun Luofeng Arrives (5)

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If someone else said they could save her daughter, Ning Xin would never believe their words. It was precisely because it was Yun Luofeng that she believed that she had the ability!

The two members of the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang had been scared by Yun Luofeng, not daring to utter a single word. They were still continuously hesitating as to why Miss Ruyi had yet to appear. Although they had witnessed the strange phenomenon in the skies, they did not take it to heart and didn't know that those spirit beasts had come for the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang…

"If my guess isn't wrong…" Wu Yan was silent for a moment before looking up towards Ning Xin, "you're from the Ye Family."

"It's said that the daughter-in-law of the Ye Family was named Yun, while the second son's wife of Yun Family was called Ning Xin. I wonder, are you that person?"

Ning Xin squinted her eyes and smiled. "You know quite a lot."

The young man smiled. "There's nothing I don't know on this continent."

"Oh?" Ning Xin quirked her brow, "Then why did you fall into the hands of the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang?"

The young man's eyes flickered. "Just as how a horse stumbles, humans can also make mistakes, and I was simply careless." Clearly, he was unwilling to say anything else.

"Since you're the wife of the Yun Family's second son," the young man slowly turned and he looked at Yun Lufoeng, "you're the calamity of the Land of No Return, the Physician Tower Master, Yun Luofeng!"

Hua! The group was in an uproar.

Perhaps they might not have heard of Ning Xin in the Land of No Return, or the number one genius of the Ye Family, but no one was unaware of Yun Luofeng's name.

From the oldest centenarians to the youngest toddler three years old, they all knew Yun Luofeng's past achievements by heart. Even though she was named as the calamity god by everyone, she was the lofty ideal of the entire Continent. Especially the Yun Luofeng of the past that exterminated three big factions of Endless City for her own disciple out of rage. Even until today, her deeds were discussed enthusiastically by people.

The two members of the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang were so shocked that they had even wet their pants as their pale faces were filled with fear.

Ye Family? Yun Luofeng? Oh god, what type of expert had they provoked this time?

Compared to those people who were shocked, the smile on Yun Ruoshui's face became even more resplendent, similar to the sun that illuminated hearts.

"I've said this before, to my family, the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang is nothing. Do you believe me now?"

The crowd maintained their silence. A moment later, the young lady who questioned Yun Ruoshui stood up and deeply bowed before her. "I'm sorry, I had failed to recognize the influence of your family. I beg of you to save us, I want to return home."

Yun Ruoshui was not someone who held a grudge, but the precondition was that the other party did not touch her bottom line. Therefore, facing the little girl's apology, she smiled in embarrassment.

"Since I said that I'll save all of you, I will definitely bring you out." After speaking, Yun Ruoshui turned towards Wu Yan. "Brother Wu Yan, where is your home? I'll have Mother dispatch someone to take you home."

Ning Xin furrowed her brows and unconsciously looked at the young man's handsome appearance. She could sense that her daughter treated this young man preferentially, but he was too mysterious to the extent that she did not wish for her daughter to have dealings with him.

Wu Yan was silent and only spoke up after a long time. "My parents are dead and I'm alone by myself."

Ning Xin remarked, "How would you understand so much about the continent without any parents, to even claim that there's nothing you're unaware of on this continent?"


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