Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1658 - Yun Luofeng Arrives (4)

Chapter 1658: Yun Luofeng Arrives (4)

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Lowering her head and looking at the young girl with a childish nature, her heart was struck and filed with gentleness in an instant.

“Your name is Yun Ruoshui?”

“It’s fine to call me Shui’er!” Yun Ruoshui happily said.

Giving a slight smile, her fingers gently pressed between Yun Ruoshui’s brows.

In that instant, Yun Ruoshui felt the other party’s fingers were similar to a thorn that pierced between her brows. Soon after, warm spirit energy flowed through from there and spread throughout her body, causing her to feel comfortable.

“Second Aunt,” Yun Lufoeng turned towards Ning Xin. “Her physique is somewhat special and I can only use this method to temporarily suppress the spirit energy within her. After I manage to find other methods, I’ll return to help her”

In the first instance she met Yun Ruoshui, Yun Luofeng had discovered the peculiarity in her body. If this continued on, Yun Ruoshui would be devoured by the black spirit energy within a few years.

Hearing her words, Ning Xin’s heart was filled with worry. “Feng’er you have no methods to help Shui’er?”

“Actually…” Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment before slowly speaking, “it isn’t a problem to save her. I have the ability to let the black spirit energy completely disappear but as a result, she would be unable to cultivate, and would definitely be a trash.”

Ning Xin’s expression perked up. She did not care for her daughter’s talents, it was sufficient as long as her daughter was safe and sound. However, before she spoke, Yun Ruoshui hastily interrupted. “No, Shui’er doesn’t want to be a trash. If Shui’er becomes one, I can’t chase after Cousin’s footsteps. I absolutely don’t want that!”

Ning Xin’s heart froze. She wanted her daughter to continue living yet she did not wish to go against her wishes.

“Feng’er are there other methods?”

Yun Luofeng shook her head. “My intentions are the same as Shui’er’s. Instead of completely uprooting her internal spirit energy, I suggest that we let it become her power. Not only would it not harm her, it will even become her strength. However, I don’t have the ability to accomplish this at this moment…”

Ning Xin sighed. “Feng’er, when you are able to help Shui’er, will she still be alive?”

If her daughter was unable to survive, then she would rather let Yun Ruoshui become a trash and she could also take care of her forever.

“I’ve sealed the spirit energy, preventing it from affecting her body. Yet I can only seal it for five years at the most. In these five years, I will find a method to help Shui’er.” Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment and continued. “If I’m unable to find a method in five years, I’ll remove this spirit energy from her body.”

Ning Xin’s body stiffened. Lowering her eyes to look at Yun Ruoshui’s childish face, she secretly made a firm decision. “Alright, we will act according to your plan.”

In contrast, Yun Ruoshui did not have many worries as she innocently smiled. “Cousin, you’re very powerful and you will definitely be able to help Shui’er. Shui’er believes in you.”

Shui’er believes in you…

The child’s young voice caused Yun Luofeng to gradually become resolute. With this sentence of hers, she must absolutely help her.

“Give me five years. After five years, I will definitely allow Shui’er to become a matchless genius!”

Ning Xin looked at Yun Ruoshui and Yun Luofeng. A trace of determination surfaced in her clear eyes.

“Shui’er, in the future, not only will Feng’er be your cousin but also your master, do you understand? No matter how huge of an accomplishment you achieve in the future, you have to remember that this was given to you by Feng’er, and your life was also saved by her.”

Yun Ruoshui nodded in confusion. “Mother, Shui’er understands.”

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