Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1657 - Yun Luofeng Arrives (3)

Chapter 1657: Yun Luofeng Arrives (3)

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The young lady was silent for a moment before gathering her courage to walk to Yun Ruoshui and timidly said, "Thank you for what you did earlier…" If it weren't for Yun Ruoshui's help, she would've long lost her chastity to that b*stard.

Ning Xin quirked her brows and turned towards Yun Ruoshui, evidently asking her what happened.

"Mom, that person earlier was also the accomplice who abducted me. He wanted to attack this little sister and Shui'er couldn't stand by and look, so I argued with him. After that, I didn't manage to control myself and killed him…"

Yun Ruoshui pouted, with her eyes gleaming with tears. "Shui'er didn't do so on purpose, he was the one who was wrong."

Ning Xin sighed and didn't have the heart to blame Lin Ruoshui. Instead, she hugged her petite figure with even more strength.

"Shui'er, believe in Mother. There will come a day that I'll make your body to be the same as others."

Lin Ruoshui hastily nodded and as if recalling something, she suddenly turned towards the young ladies in the cottage and smiled innocently. "I said before that my family will definitely come to rescue me. With them here, the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang is nothing!"

The crowd was silent and after a long time, a young child spoke with a timid voice.

"The background of the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang is very powerful and many factions on the continent are connected with them. After offending her, our ending will definitely be more miserable…"

"Influences behind the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang?" Just then a bewitching and wicked voice sounded from outside the cottage. A moment later, a white-robed lady slowly entered, as an eerie smile quirked on her peerless face.

"I wonder what factions does this Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang have behind them?"

The little girl stared blankly. She only knew that the factions behind the Bandit gang were very powerful, but as to how powerful they were, she was unaware.

Wu Yan shot a glance at the little girl before turning his eyes towards Yun Luofeng and revealing all the information he knew. "The Fengyun Estate of Wushuang Empire, Liu family who is one of the three big families in Tianhui Empire, Tianyin Sect of Liuyue Empire, and…"

"In addition, I've heard that the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang is also related with the Qu Family, the one in Endless City."

Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and smiled. "Second Aunt, did you hear him? I've destroyed the Qu Family and for the other factions, you shall lead troops to destroy them. The Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang does not shrink from any crime and they must've committed crimes sufficient to fill the heavens to be connected with various large factions. I should return this Land of No Return to a peaceful and orderly state."

Everyone was dumbstruck. Her tone was very arrogant and she said she wanted to casually exterminate so many powerful factions in the Land of No Return? What background did she have? Furthermore, she said that she had destroyed the Qu Family?

That young man named Wu Yan quietly looked at Yun Luofeng as his eyes flickered, and no one knew what he was thinking…

"Mother," Yun Ruoshui blinked her eyes as her gaze fell on Yun Luofeng. "Who is this big sister?"

Why did she bring about a familiar feeling?

Ning Xin smiled and stoked Yun Ruoshui's head. "She's the cousin we've mentioned to you before."

Lin Ruoshui's eyes instant brightened. God knew how long she had wanted to meet this cousin of hers that was renowned throughout the continent. Unexpectedly, she had met her in such a situation and she jumped in excitement.

"Cousin," She struggled free of Ning Xin's embrace and walked to Yun Luofeng's side, with a naive and innocent look. "Shui'er has often heard Mom and Dad talk about your heroic and valiant deeds. Therefore… you've always been Shui'er's idol, and the target Shui'er strives to reach!"

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