Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1656 - Yun Luofeng Arrives (2)

Chapter 1656: Yun Luofeng Arrives (2)

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In that instant, two ladies standing in the air looked towards the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang, and the person who spoke those words was filled with despair as his expression changed.

Suddenly, a penetrating shout echoed and could be heard from a thatched cottage not far away.


Ning Xin’s expression suddenly darkened. “Keep a close watch and prevent them from escaping!”

After she issued her commands, the spirit beasts in the skies bellowed and encircled the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang.

Even without these spirit beasts encirclement, the members didn’t dare to have any other thoughts. The Ye Family was a powerful influence and if they dared to escape, they would definitely be hunted down by them. At that time, they would have to suffer a more severe punishment.

Without the slightest hesitation, Yun Luofeng transformed into a streak of light and dashed towards the thatched cottage.

Outside the cottage, two guards who were dispatched by Ruyi to watch over had hastily pushed the door open and entered after hearing the yell. The moment they saw the scene in the cottage, they instantly screamed…

The little girl was tightly hugging her knees, and black spirit energy emerged from her. A man was firmly bound within that energy as he released painful and anguished wails. In no time at all his body had progressively dried up and turned into ashes, drifting throughout the thatched cottage.

The children within the cottage were shocked as their astonished gaze fell on Yun Ruoshui’s young face, swallowing their saliva with difficulty. In particular, the young lady who had ridiculed her before was shocked into silence.

“I said before that I caused Lin Xi’s death. Why didn’t you believe me?” Yun Ruoshui raised her young face, and her large glistening eyes were filled with sadness. “If you believed what I said, you wouldn’t have continuously provoked me.”

The two guards of the Fierce Tiger Bandit Gang were still unaware of the happenings but they knew that the little girl before them was a demon.

Escape! Both of them met each other’s eyes, turning to leave.

However, the instant they turned around, a figure suddenly appeared before them. Seeing that they were about to collide with that figure, spirit energy suddenly surged forth from the other party, sending them crashing with a bang.

Yun Ruoshui froze and the instant she looked up, a beautiful and dignified face was reflected in her eyes. A layer of tears surfaced from her eyes and she suddenly stood up, then pounced toward the lady with a loud cry.

The lady spread her arms and hugged the little girl’s petite figure into her embrace, gently smiling. “Shui’er, Mother has arrived late. I’m sorry…”

“Mom, why do others constantly provoke me when I didn’t do anything? I’ve told them that they’ll definitely die if they provoke me but they just don’t believe my words.” Yun Ruoshui felt wronged. She had never lied yet no one believed what she said.

Ning Xin felt sorry and hugged her own daughter. Her slender long fingers gently stroked Yun Ruoshui’s beautiful hair, with a gentle look on her face.

“Shui’er, Mother will never let anyone harm you in the future.”

Her fingers gently caressed Lin Ruoshui’s face and the black aura between her brows caused Ning Xin’s heart to suddenly thump and sighed heavily.

The more Yun Ruoshui killed, the more her life would also be in danger. This was the reason Ning Xin forbade her to kill…

Within the thatched cottage, there was another young lady in ragged clothing. Compared to the others, she was evidently older, around the age of twelve to thirteen. Her lapels seemed to have been torn and appeared to be in bad shape.

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