Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1654 - Make the Ye Family Expel Yun Luofeng? (4)

Chapter 1654: Make the Ye Family Expel Yun Luofeng? (4)

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Seeing that Ruyi didn't respond, the woman anxiously called her again.

"What can I do?" Ruyi snorted, "Now we should figure out what happened first, so as to make preparations for an emergency. Besides, the Ye Family is not unreasonable. If there is a misunderstanding, we just need to clear the air."

Just after Ruyi said this, a beautiful figure stepped on a falcon and flew into the sky.

The woman, in a yellow robe, looked beautiful and graceful. Her long pitch-black hair was gently fluttering in the wind and her delicate facial features were somewhat similar to Yun Ruoshui's.

Ruyi took a deep breath, looked up at the woman on the sky and asked aloud, "Are you from the Ye Family?

Ning Xin looked at Ruyi, "I'm not from the Ye Family, but… my niece is the granddaughter-in-law of the Ye Family…"

Ruyi, on tenterhooks, was relieved to hear this. It turned out that this woman was not from the Ye Family. She just strutted in on borrowed plumes…

She was not from the Ye Family, which meant that she didn't offend the Ye Family. Ironically, Ruyi didn't even think about their relationship. The Ye Family only had one grandson who had been married, who was Yun Xiao. Hence, it was clear that Ning Xin was the wife of Yun Luofeng's Second Uncle…

Compared with the powerful Ye Family, Yun Luofeng was more frightening. Otherwise, she wouldn't be called the god of calamity! But Ruyi didn't figure it out and made an unforgivable mistake.

"Miss, is there any misunderstanding between us?" Ruyi smiled, "Look, you tried to frighten me with the spirit beasts of the Ye Family. If the Ye Family finds out about it, I'm afraid you can't explain to them, right?"

This woman was not a member of the Ye Family but flaunted their spirit beasts. How could the Ye Family people tolerate such behavior?

"There is no misunderstanding between you and me," Ning Xin glanced at Ruyi, her beautiful face cold, "I came here to look for my daughter."


Ruyi paused and a gleam flickered across her eyes, and she simpered, "Miss, I think you made a mistake. Your daughter is not here. You'd better look for her somewhere else."

Ning Xin looked down at Ruyi and the other people and slowly raised her hand…

"Miss!" Ruyi's face changed sharply, "you brought out the spirit beasts of the Ye Family. The strong masters of the Ye Family don't know about it, do they?" As she spoke, she glanced at Ning Xin out of the corner of her eye. Seeing Ning Xin slowly put down her hand, she smiled triumphantly.

"Powerful as the Ye Family is, they certainly dislike anyone to bully others in their names. If you attack us today, perhaps Grandfather Ye will have his grandson divorce your niece and expel her from the Ye Family if he finds out what you did. "

Ning Xin stroked her chin with her fingers and smiled. "Your words make sense… So, I'd like to see if the Ye Family will expel Feng'er or not."


Ruyi shuddered.

How many grandchildren of the Ye Family were married? And…

She just called her niece… Feng'er?

Ruyi's face turned ghastly pale, and an obvious answer popped up in her mind but was pressed down by her. Her lips trembled and she couldn't utter a word…


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