Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1653 - Make the Ye Family Expel Yun Luofeng? (3)

Chapter 1653: Make the Ye Family Expel Yun Luofeng? (3)

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Yun Ruoshui smiled.

Her two small canine teeth looked cute as she smiled.

“Brother Wu Yan, I’ve informed my family, and soon they’ll come here. That’s why I came back here alone. When they come here, we will be saved.”

Wu Yan smiled helplessly. “If you wanted to save us, why did you come back? You could have just waited for your family outside.”

She paused, patted her head and sighed, “I’m so stupid! Why didn’t I think of that?! But Brother Wu Yan, don’t worry. These bad guys can’t hurt me.” That was because any person who bullied her would become the food of the black spirit energy and turn into ashes.

“Haha,” someone among the kids laughed sarcastically, “do you know the background of the Tiger Bandit Gang? The Tiger Bandit Gang is powerful in itself, but more importantly, they have a good relationship with a lot of powerful families on the continent. Even if your family comes here, they can’t be a rival to the Tiger Bandit Gang.”

It was the little girl who laughed at her just now. She bit her lips tightly and her face was pale with despair.

No one could save them.

No one!

Yun Ruoshui didn’t know the little girl was mocking her. She smiled innocently, “My family is very powerful and there isn’t any problem they can’t solve, so as long as they come here, we will be saved…”

No one took Yun Ruoshui’s words seriously. In their minds, Yun Ruoshui was just boasting.

There wasn’t any problem they couldn’t solve? How could that be possible?! Besides the supreme Medical Tower in the Land of No Return, who else had such power?

Just then, a chorus of birdsong came from outside. Hearing the birdsong, Yun Ruoshui jumped to her feet and her eyes suddenly lit up.

“It’s the spirit beasts that my family domesticated. They finally found me!”

Countless spirit beasts were hovering in the sky and tweeting from time to time. Startled, Ruyi and others ran out of the door, and their faces changed when they saw the spirit beasts in the sky.

“Look at the badges these spirit beasts wear!” A woman screamed, “These spirit beasts are from the Ye Family!”

Oh no! Why did the Ye Family’s spirit beasts appear here?

Although these spirit beasts were not very powerful because the Ye Family hadn’t been able to domesticate powerful ones yet, they represented the Ye Family. That was really frightening!

Ruyi’s heart sank and she felt uneasy. For some reason, she had a feeling that something had gone wrong…

“Miss Ruyi, what should we do?” The woman looked anxiously at Ruyi, “Since these spirit beasts have appeared here, it means that the Ye Family people will come here soon. How on earth did we offend the Ye Family?”

Ruyi’s face was ghastly pale, and suddenly Ye Jun’s face popped up in her mind.

That little girl’s surname was Ye!

Was it… because of her that the Ye Family came here?

No, it was impossible!

Ruyi hurriedly shook her head and violently tossed away the thoughts in her mind. It was just a coincidence. She couldn’t be so unlucky as to bump into the Ye Family people. Besides, if she was the Miss of the Ye Family, how could she not be followed by strong masters?

“Miss Ruyi… ”

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