Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1651 - Make the Ye Family Expel Yun Luofeng? (1)

Chapter 1651: Make the Ye Family Expel Yun Luofeng? (1)

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No matter how mature Ye Jun appeared, she was only a child five years old. When she saw Yun Luofeng, her mouth twitched and tears came down from her eyes.

"Shui'er is still in the hands of the bandit gang. If we go late, I'm afraid…"


Yun Luofeng cast a suspicious glance at Ye Jun and asked, "Shui'er is?…"

"She's the child of Uncle Yun and Aunt Ning Xin."


Anger welled up within Yun Luofeng when she heard Ye Jun's words, and she gave a wicked smile.

"Jun'er, lead the way."

Anyone who dared touch her family must pay!

"Sister-in-law, I'll take care of the matter here." Ye Xie coldly glanced at Qu Lin who had slumped to the ground, and a cold gleam flickered across his slightly narrowed eyes. "You and Jun'er go find Shui'er."

Qu Lin swallowed hard. His throat was dry, and he stared in horror at the young face…

Although the boy was still young, he already had a terribly powerful aura. It was not hard to imagine that in a dozen years the little boy would dominate the Land of No Return and become a new ruler!

"Are you afraid of heights?" Yun Luofeng asked softly as she looked down at the girl beside her.

Ye Jun shook her head, "No."

"Good, then let's go find Shui'er."

This time, Yun Luofeng didn't reserve her power but released all the spirit energy in her body. Her figure was like a shadow and disappeared in an instant.

Xiao Mo, who had been following Yun Luofeng, was dumbfounded. He stared in the direction of her departure and his clear eyes were filled with a grievance.

"Master has forgotten me since she has the little girl named Ye Jun." Yun Luofeng had never left him behind all these years, but now she had just forgotten him. Fortunately, with Yun Luofeng's current strength, Xiao Mo could leave the Gode Code World for a while…


In a bungalow, Ruyi trampled on the man underneath, her coquettish face purple with anger. "You can't even find one man? How dare Lin Xi, that moron, just quit our Tiger Bandit Gang like this?!"

Not long ago, Lin Xi took Yun Ruoshui away. However, his behavior infuriated Yun Ruoshui, and the latter couldn't control the power in her body and made him disappear from the world. However, the Tiger Bandit Gang didn't know what Yun Ruoshui did. They only knew that Lin Xi was missing and Yun Ruoshui was gone too!

The brocade-robed young man pondered for a while and said slowly, "Ruyi, did anything happen to Lin Xi?"

Ruyi clenched her teeth, "With his strength, how would things go wrong? And, even if there's something wrong, he would have time to let us know, and wouldn't disappear for no reason! So I think the guy ran away with Yun Ruoshui!"

At that moment, Ruyi heard footsteps coming from outside the door, and she raised her head slightly only to see a pink little face. Ruyi paused for a while and then anger welled up within her. If she hadn't been stopped by her subordinate, she would have jumped up and whipped the girl hard.

"Tell me, where have you been lately? What about Lin Xi? Where is he?"


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