Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1650 - Rage of Ye Xie (4)

Chapter 1650: Rage of Ye Xie (4)

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The young boy was scared. He didn’t understand why his father, who always doted on him, was so angry at him…

“Elder Qing Mu, Elder Ge Yang, I really didn’t know about the girl’s identity.”


Qu Lin fell to his knees, his body shaking, “It’s the Tiger Bandit Gang who is to blame. They kidnapped Miss Ye Jun, and I just bought her from them.”

Ignorance could be forgiven. Elder Qing Mu would not destroy the Qu Family just because of this.

With a smile, Yun Luofeng, carrying Ye Xie, slowly descended from the sky and landed in front of Ye Jun…

Staring closely at Ye Jun’s red and swollen cheek, Ye Xie felt his heart twitch and the furious flame in his heart surged out again. “Jun’er, who was it? Who hit you?”

Ye Jun pounced heavily into Ye Xie’s arms and raised her little face. She looked aggrieved. However, she finally relaxed the moment Ye Xie appeared.

“Third Brother, I thought you also fell into the hands of those people, so I deferred to them, trying to find out your whereabouts. Now I’m finally relieved to see you safe and sound.

She smiled.

No one could deny that Ye Jun’s smile was very similar to Jun Fengling’s, cute yet handsome. Suddenly, a warm hand touched Ye Jun’s swollen cheek, making her body slightly shiver, but she didn’t avoid the woman’s touch…

Her hand was gentle, like a mother’s. As it touched her aching cheek, tears came to her eyes and she kept trembling. As a spirit cultivator, Ye Jun could felt the spirit energy contained in this jade-like hand, and the pain on her cheek gradually disappeared the moment the spirit energy passed through…


Under the gentle touch of Yun Luofeng, Ye Jun couldn’t help calling her ‘mom’. Everyone in the Ye Family loved her, but no one’s hand gave her such a warm feeling. Except for this woman…

But she soon realized that this woman was not her mom, so she wiped off her tears and gave a smile. “Sorry, I miss my mom so much, and you made me feel so warm that I couldn’t help it…”

“Jun’er,” Ye Xie smiled at Ye Jun, “it’s not strange that you felt she was like your mom. Isn’t there an old saying that a virtuous elder sister-in-law is comparable to a mother? Though she is just our sister-in-law, she is like our mother.”


Ye Jun’s hand, wiping her tears, stopped. She raised her head in surprise and stared intently at the gorgeous white-clad woman. “Are… are you my sister-in-law? Is it really you?” Her heart was throbbing fast, and even her lips trembled.

Qu Lin was dumbfounded. Though he hadn’t meet Yun Luofeng, he knew that the wife of the Ye Family’s second young master was the master of the Medical Tower…

She was also the real ruler of Endless City.

But what did he do? He kidnapped her sister-in-law and talked a lot of nonsense in front of her. No wonder Elder Qing Mu said he was courting death! At the thought of this, Qu Lin finally fell to the ground, his face ashen, his eyes filled with fear…

D*mn the Tiger Bandit Gang! If it hadn’t been for them, how would I have offended the woman who was called the god of calamity?

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