Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1649 - Rage of Ye Xie (3)

Chapter 1649: Rage of Ye Xie (3)

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Ye Jun raised her eyebrows, and her pink little face was filled with disdain.

The master of the Medical Tower was her sister-in-law, and the Qu Family was only a subordinate of Sister-in-law. How could these people entice her with the Medical Tower?

“It seems that you really don’t want to marry my son!” Qu Lin’s face darkened. “In that case, don’t blame me for being unkind to you. Guards, take this girl away and beat her hard until she agrees!”

After this, two guards of the Qu Family came forward and grabbed Ye Jun’s arms to take her away. Just then, from the sky, a young yet domineering voice resounded, like a flame of anger surging out.

“B*stard, let go of my sister!”

Hearing the childish voice, Ye Jun froze. She slightly raised her head, and tears appeared in her eyes.

“Third Brother…”

In the sky there was a gorgeous woman in a snow-white robe carrying a little boy about five years old. Though the boy looked a bit pale, when he saw his sister being bullied, anger welled up within his heart like billowing waves that could instantly drown people.

“Who are you?” Qu Lin asked coldly with a frown.

Yun Luofeng cast a sideways glance at Qu Lin and gave a faint smile, “The one who comes to take your life.”

Hearing this, Qu Lin paused and then burst into laughter. “Then I will see how you take our lives!”

After all, Qu You was an elder of the Medical Tower. How dare this girl speak so presumptuously? It was literally a provocation to the Medical Tower’s authority! However, as Qu Lin said this, a sneer suddenly came from outside the door.

“I’d like to see how the Qu Family is courting death.”

Qu Lin’s body stiffened for a moment, and he raised his head in surprise only to see Elder Qing Mu and Elder Ge Yang walk in.

“Elder Qing Mu… Elder Ge Yang, why have you come here?” he stammered and his voice trembled.

And… Elder Qing Mu said he was courting death. What did it mean?

Hearing this, Qing Mu gave a sarcastic smile.

“Tut, your Qu Family is really audacious! How dare you ask me why I am here?! You caught Grandfather Ye’s granddaughter and forced her to be your silly son’s wife. Did you ever ask for the Ye Family’s opinion?”

The Ye Family? Wait… Elder Qing Mu wasn’t talking about ‘that’ Ye Family, right?

“Elder Qing Mu, the Ye Family you mentioned is…”

“The Ye Family you are thinking of.”

At this moment, Qu Lin felt his heart skip a beat. His face was ghastly pale, and his legs were so weak that he almost stumbled and fell to the ground. Fortunately, he hastily took hold of a column beside him to prevent himself from falling. Even so, he was trembling all over, and his frightened eyes were fixed on Ye Jun.

How could this be possible? He just bought a girl from a human trafficker, and she happened to be Grandfather Ye’s granddaughter?

“Daddy, I want this little sister to be my wife,” the silly boy grunted, tugging at Qu Lin’s sleeve. His eyes were greedy, and he stared intently at Ye Jun’s lovely little face.

“Shut up!” Qu Lin snapped, his voice trembling…

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