Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1648 - Rage of Ye Xie (2)

Chapter 1648: Rage of Ye Xie (2)

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The Qu Family.

In the hall, Qu Lin scowled at the girl standing in the middle of the hall, her eyes grim.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Will you join our Qu Family and become my son’s fiancée?”

Ye Jun sneered, and her handsome face looked resolute. There was a mature look on her little face, which didn’t match her age.

“No matter how many times you ask me, I have only one answer, No!”

“How dare you!”

Qu Lin hit his palm against the table and glared at Ye Jun, “I bought you, so you have to obey me! Our Qu Family had a high position in Endless City. We can do anything we want here. It’s a blessing to you that you can be my son’s fiancée. Don’t be silly!”

Hearing this, Ye Jun turned to look at the boy who was standing next to Qu Lin and drooling over her, and a cold gleam came into her eyes.

Her voice was as childish as ever, but was resolute. “I, Ye Jun, will never marry a moron!”


Had it not been for his son’s marriage, Qu Lin would have been very glad to slap her to death!

“Daddy,” said the boy, dragging Qu Lin’s sleeve and staring at Ye Jun, “the little sitter looks so beautiful. Yue ‘er wants to play with her.”

Qu Lin’s anger evaporated as soon as he heard the boy’s voice and he lovingly comforted him.

“Okay, okay, the little sister will accompany Yue’er to play. Daddy will give Yue’er anything, as long as you like it.”

“Daddy, then let the little sister share a bed with Yue’er and Yue’er also wants to eat her mouth.” The boy smiled foolishly, not taking Ye Jun a human being. In his mind, Ye Jun was just a toy his daddy gave him.

Ye Jun’s little face darkened, especially when she heard the last words of the boy, her face immediately changed.

“Gross!” she said coldly and refused to look at the boy again.

“You darn girl. Who do you think you are? I will give you a good lesson.”

Qu Lin wouldn’t tolerate anyone humiliating his son, so when he heard Ye Jun’s words, he quickly rushed to Ye Jun and slapped her hard.

Though Ye Jun was not as talented as her brother, Ye Xie, she was also a rare genius. However, she was only five years old. What was a five-year-old child capable of, even if she was a genius? Under the pressing power of the middle-aged man, she was unable to move and was slapped hard.


Ye Jun’s cheek was immediately swollen and burned with pain. However…

She tried to hold back the tears that almost burst from her eyes, and continued to coldly stare at Qu Lin.

“This Endless City is the territory of our Qu Family. You are courting death if you dare to disobey us!” Qu Lin arrogantly raised his chin and looked down at Ye Jun expressionlessly. “Besides, no matter how stupid my son is, he is the only heir of our Qu Family. If you marry him, you’ll become the young mistress of the Qu Family. In addition to a high position and great wealth, you’ll also enjoy unlimited power in Endless City!”

Qu Lin didn’t understand why anyone would be so stupid to reject such a high-flying path right in front of them. He didn’t think this little girl could resist such a temptation.

“Ye Jun,” Qu Lin continued, softening his tone, “if you become the young mistress of our Qu Family, even if you want to get into the upper levels of the Medical Tower, I can arrange it for you…”

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