Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1647 - Rage of Ye Xie (1)

Chapter 1647: Rage of Ye Xie (1)

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Qing Mu slightly frowned.

The young master of the Qu Family was born with dementia. However, since Master Qu gave birth to this son, he became infertile for some reason and could only have this son in his life. In order to revitalize the Qu Family, Master Qu Lin of the Qu Family was eager to find a girl who was both talented and beautiful to marry his son when she grew up. Falling into the hands of the Qu Family, that girl was really unlucky.

Qu You was relieved to hear this. He was going to die, but he would die without any regrets as long as the Qu Family could go on forever. Besides, today's events had nothing to do with the Qu Family. The two elders were sensible and wouldn't blame the Qu Family for this.

"It's a blessing to our Qu Family that Qu Yue can find a girl willing to marry him."

"But, Lord Qu You, that girl is unwilling to marry Young Master, and Master is taming her. I am sure that in several days the girl Ye Jun will become our Qu Family's young mistress."

Ye Jun?

The name, like a hammer, hit Ye Xie hard in the heart.

Qu You also shuddered and almost collapsed to the ground once again. His face ghastly pale, "What did you say was the name of that girl?"

Coincidence, it must be a coincidence!

Though the Qu Family people didn't know the name of the Ye Family's Miss, he, an elder of the Medical Tower, surely knew it…

"She's called Ye Jun. That little girl is very cute, and looks like…" the servant caught a glimpse of Ye Xie nearby and said in surprise, "like this little brother."


Like being struck by a bolt from the blue, Qu You finally crumpled to the ground once again. His face was filled despair and he looked painful.

It's all over!

He had thought that the Qu Family could escape this disaster, but who would think that they were so audacious as to kidnap the Miss of the Ye Family?…

This time, no one would be able to save the Qu Family.

Ye Xie clenched his fists, and his big, innocent eyes were filled with anger. "Where is the little girl you caught?" He clenched his teeth and people could even clearly hear the grinding of his teeth.

The servant hesitated for a moment, but before he could speak, Ye Xie suddenly kicked at him and kicked him out of the room. It was hard to imagine that a child five years old could have such great strength…

"Grandpa Qing Mu," Ye Xie turned his head and looked at Qing Mu, "take me to the Qu Family!"

He wouldn't spare anyone who dared to touch his sister!

Xiao Mo curled his lip and stared at Qu You who had slumped to the ground. "The Qu Family people are all audacious. This old guy framed my master as a spy, and his son kidnapped my master's sister-in-law. Tut, I think they must be tired of life."

Who in the Land of No Return didn't know his master's behavior and style? Kidnapped Ye Jun? They were literally sending the Qu Family to hell!

Yun Luofeng thought for a while and slightly raised her head. "Xiao Mo, let's have a look too." A murderous desire gradually appeared on her beautiful face…

Mom and Dad left home for her and Yun Xiao, so she would never allow anyone to hurt their children!

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