Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1646 - Came Back to the Medical Tower (5)

Chapter 1646: Came Back to the Medical Tower (5)

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At this point, Yu Xiong still felt as though his head was in the clouds. He never expected this, and everything had happened so suddenly…

Yun Luofeng slowly withdrew her gaze, turned it to Ye Xie and smiled, “You said you were called Lin Xie?”

Ye Xie forced a smile and took two steps back while sweat seeped from his forehead. “Well, I was just…”

Seeing Ye Xie stepping backward, Yun Luofeng approached him slowly. “You came to the Medical Tower because you wanted to join it?”

There was a dangerous glow in her eyes, which made Ye Xie’s skin crawl and he felt so uneasy and nervous. “I…” Ye Xie bit his lips, his eyes shining with tears, “I ran away from home, so I didn’t dare to tell you my real name, in case my grandpa would catch me.”

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and gave a faint smile. “Why did you run away from home?”

Ye Xie shivered and slightly hung his head.

“I want to find my mom and dad, as well as you and Second Brother…” His eyes looked lonely. “Grandpa once told me that you and Second Brother went to the Seven Province continent, and my mom and dad left home to find you, so… I haven’t seen them since I was born.”

He raised his head, and his large, bright eyes shone like stars.

“Sister-in-law, I miss my mom and dad whom I’ve never met. If I can find them and stay with them, I would gladly accept any hardship and risk.”

Yun Luofeng felt as if her heart was seized by a hand, and she fell silent. Since Ye Xie was born, Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen left the Ye Family, and now it had been five years. In the past five years, he didn’t see his parents or enjoy any parental love. However, he had no resentment toward his ‘irresponsible’ parents.

He understood that his parents left home to improve their strength, so he would leave the Ye Family to find them…

“I know it hasn’t been easy for you these years.” Yun Luofeng reached out her hand and pulled Ye Xie into her arms.

Smelling the faint medicinal fragrance emanated from the woman’s body, Ye Xie relaxed. Unable to restrain his grief over the years any longer, he tightly hugged Yun Luofeng’s waist and cried out loud.

No matter how talented and famous he was, he was just a child…

At the age of five, he should have been loved by his parents, but he had already taken on important responsibilities at such a young age.

“Sister-in-law, I really want to… stay with my parents.”

He had waited his whole life for this. To fulfill this dream, he had cultivated so hard and gained today’s achievements…

“Your Mom and Dad had no alternative but to do this. I hope you… don’t blame them.” Yun Luofeng lowered her eyes. If it weren’t for her and Yun Xiao, Jun Fengling would not have left her babies behind and left home.

Ye Xie wiped the tears from his eyes and gave a bright smile, “I know. I never blamed them…”

“Lord Qu You.”

At this moment, a servant of the Qu Family rushed to him. Not knowing what happened, he quickly ran to Qu You.

“Good news! Master has found a girl to become Young Master’s wife. That girl is very talented, and Young Master is very satisfied with her. Maybe in a few years, Young Master will have offspring.”


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