Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1645 - Came Back to the Medical Tower (4)

Chapter 1645: Came Back to the Medical Tower (4)

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Though the Ye Family was powerful and closely connected with Master, he was forgivable. After all, no warning, no fault, right? Besides, the one he wanted to deal with was this girl, and the little genius of the Ye Family was just involved. So what he did was a minor offense at most…

At the thought of this, Qu You wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and carefully glanced at Qing Mu and Ge Yang…

However, at this moment, the two elders fixed their eyes on Yun Luofeng and couldn’t move them away. Qing Mu’s eyes were filled with surprise. He rubbed his eyes hard and opened them only to see the woman in white looking at him with a smile on her face.

“Master, you’ve come back? Am I dreaming?”

Ma… Master?


Quyou was so scared that he dropped to the ground, his face ashen. The hope in his heart disappeared in an instant and his eyes were filled with despair.

Brother Yu and other people were also dumbfounded. So the woman who saved them was the legendary Master of the Medical Tower?

Ge Yang looked at the guards that surrounded Yun Luofeng, scowled, and asked in a cold voice, “What’s going on?”

“Ge… Elder Ge Yang… “One guard swallowed hard and said with a trembling voice, “just now, Elder Qu You claimed the woman… Master was a spy and ordered us to catch her.”

With every word that guard uttered, Qu You’s heart trembled. It never occurred to him that this woman was Master.

Wasn’t it said that Master went to the Seven Province continent, and wouldn’t come back until decades later? It had only been five years, and she was already back?

Ye Xie stared at the white-clad woman standing in the sun. His bright and innocent eyes were filled with surprise, but he just couldn’t move his eyes away from her.

Grandpa Qing Mu said she was Master of the Medical Tower? 

That was to say… this woman was his sister-in-law.

Yun Luofeng also turned her eyes to Ye Xie and slightly narrowed her eyes.

This little guy lied to me and said his surname was Lin?

“Spy?” Ge Yang sneered, leaned over to look at Ye Xie who froze and gave a kind smile, “Xiao Xie, tell Grandpa Ge Yang, why did these people frame Master as a spy?”

Ye Xie recovered from his reverie and said truthfully, “The old man saw that she was talented and wanted her as a disciple, but she refused, so he framed her as a spy.”

Hearing this, Qing Mu got angry. He walked quickly to Yun Luofeng and plopped down on his knees.

“Master, it is my fault. I failed to choose the right people. But Master, I promise I will punish them severely without mercy!”

Qu You collapsed to the ground, and he knew that this time he was doomed!

“Get up,” Yun Luofeng said, pulling up Qing Mu, “I won’t blame you for this. But the next time you promote someone, you need to polish your eyes and see clearly.”

After saying this, Yun Luofeng walked up to Brother Yu. “Your name?”

Brother Yu was stunned for a moment and replied respectfully, “Master, my name is Yu Xiong.”

“You have talent. I will ask Qing Mu to take you as a disciple. I hope you can grasp this opportunity.”

Yu Xiong was very happy to hear that. He fell to his knees, “Thank you, Master! I’ll never let you down!”

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