Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1643 - Came back to the Medical Tower (2)

Chapter 1643: Came back to the Medical Tower (2)

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What made him believe he could ask for this?

Ye Xie scowled, clenched his little fist with a great effort to restrain his anger and said, clenching his teeth, "I want to see the two elders. Report to them now!"

Though he was the young master of the Ye Family, he had never been away from home, so the people of the Medical Tower had never met him. Just then, a low voice came.

"What happened?"

The guard turned around only to see an old man walking out the door, and he smiled. "Elder Qu, you've come? These people want to see Elder Ge Yang and Elder Qing Mu, but they don't have our badge, so I am persuading them to leave."

Qu You nodded indifferently. His eyes swept over Yun Luofeng and the others and a faint gleam came into his old eyes. "Is this young lady a physician?"

With sharp eyes, Qu You found Yun Luofeng was a physician at first glance.

Yun Luofeng glanced at Qu You's old face and slightly nodded, "Yes."

She was a physician, so she didn't deny it.

"Since you're a physician, you can join our Medical Tower, but I have a requirement…" Qu You gave a smile, and arrogantly lifted his chin. "I want you to become my disciple. What do you think?"

Xiao Mo glanced at Qu You as if looking at an idiot, and there was contempt in his eyes.

Was this old man stupid? His master was master of the Medical Tower. How could he, an elder, ask the master of the Medical Tower to serve as his disciple?

"Miss, first impressions count. I had a very good first impression of you when I first saw you, so I want you to become my disciple. Don't worry. I have a high status in the Medical Tower, which is only second to Elder Qing Mu and Elder Ge Yang, so you'll surely have a bright future in the Medical Tower."

When it came to Qing Mu and Ge Yang, Qu You was quite deferential. After all, the Medical Tower was developed by the two elders since Master left. He, a latecomer, couldn't be compared with the two elders.

Yun Luofeng squinted. "What if I refuse? Are you going to keep me out of the Medical Tower?"

Qu You laughed. "Miss, You are the first person to refuse me. If you refuse me, of course you won't be able to join the Medical Tower, and besides, you will regret it for the rest of your life!"

Hearing his words, Ye Xie, who was silent, couldn't help but snort.

"If she wants, I can ask Qing Mu and Ge Yang to take her as a disciple. Who are you? How dare you speak to the one who saved me like this?"

To be honest, though Yun Luofeng saved Ye Xie, he was wary of her at first. However, on the way to the Medical Tower, Yun Luofeng gave up flying just because he could not adapt to flying, which moved him…

However, when they were crossing the mountains, as there were too many traps there, she took him flying again to save time.

"Haha," Qu You sneered, "Kid, watch your tongue! Neither Elder Qing Mu nor Elder Ge Yang has a grandson. Do you think I'll believe your words? If she doesn't agree to be my disciple, fine! Get out of here now!

If Yun Luofeng was willing to be his disciple, he would surely take good care of her. If not, why should he waste his precious time for these people?

"Miss, what are you doing here? Do you want to join our Medical Tower too?"

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